Hi, we're Jeremy & Kate!

We are full-time travelers dedicated to following our passions to wherever sounds funky or fun, dazzling or delicious, wild or whimsical, ridiculous or romantic.

More than 4 years after leaving the USA on that first one-way ticket, we're still all about working together to explore this magnificent world that we are lucky enough to live in.

These days, you can usually find us in Europe -- especially in our beloved Italy -- but our curiosity, love of new experiences, and appetite for diverse cuisines regularly takes us all over the globe.

Our mission at Our Escape Clause is simple: to inspire others to explor the world through well-researched and experience-driven articles.

We want to make your trip planning easier and out favorite destinations irresistible, and use this space to share detailed itineraries, travel guides, and occasional personal stories to further those goals.

Join us as we continue to live our our escape clause from the predictable life that we once laid out for ourselves, one destination (and meal) at a time.

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