The Best Things to Do in Bologna: Hidden Canals

What We’ve Been Up To: April 2018 Review

Germany Italy Our Journey Turkey

This was the month that we finally made it to Turkey, a long-awaited destination that has eluded us for years. It was wonderful… and also not exactly the trip we had expected. April was incredibly busy, packed full with twists and turns we did not anticipate: our fast travels through March caught up to us in Turkey, and we ended up rearranging the bulk of our trip and skipping several…

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Travel Budget for Cambodia

Cambodia Travel Budget: Show Me The Money

Cambodia Money

We had so much fun in Cambodia. Though our Cambodia travel budget came in at almost $50 per person/per day–quite a chunk of change for the area–we don’t feel like we blew our budget the same way that we did in Laos. Though we spent…

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

How to Rock Your Visit to Angkor Wat

Asia Cambodia

Angkor Wat: gorgeous, ethereal, detailed, magical. This temple complex is a traveler’s dream, full of history, beauty, and a little bit of mystery. It is, hands down, the most famous location in Cambodia, and for many people the only thing that they come to Cambodia…

Khmer Rouge: The Killing Fields

Scars of the Khmer Rouge: S21 & The Killing Fields

Asia Cambodia

By far, the most horrific, terrible sites that we saw in in Southeast Asia were the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (S21) and the Killing Fields–relics from the genocide perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge. These places caused me to ask myself yet again: Why do we…

Travel Budget for Laos

Show Me The Money: Travel Budget for Laos

Asia Laos Money

So far, most of my budget breakdown posts have been written while on the road. Writing this one after being at home for a few weeks is a very different experience. On the road, we got into a rhythm with our daily allotment of funds.…