Costa Rica vs Nicaragua: Coastline

Costa Rica vs Nicaragua: Which One Should You Visit?

Costa Rica Nicaragua Travel Planning

So, you’re heading either to Costa Rica or Nicaragua! As if narrowing it down that far wasn’t hard enough, now the real work begins: which one of these gorgeous Central American countries will you travel to? As amazing as both destinations are, picking one can come down to a matter of travel style and personal preference. Here are some of the differences to help you answer the question: Nicaragua or…

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Travel Budget for Nicaragua

Show Me The Money: Travel Budget for Nicaragua

Money Nicaragua

Our travel budget for Nicaragua had a different balance than in most of the countries we visit: we were tired from our time in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras, which led us to spend less time (and money!) on excursions and more on laid-back activities…

Things to do in Nicaragua

Your Perfect Itinerary for Two Weeks in Nicaragua


Of the six Central American countries we visited during our four months in the region, Nicaragua is the one we’re in the biggest hurry to get back to–it’s beautiful, it’s comfortable, and (especially compared to its neighbors to the south, Costa Rica and Panama) quite…

Things to do in Nicaragua

Hello, Gorgeous: Nicaragua in Photos


It didn’t take long for Nicaragua to become one of our favorite countries in Central America. It’s more affordable than Costa Rica, Panama, or Belize. It feels safer and more laid back than Honduras. It has enough adventure activities available to rival Guatemala. And, as…

Things to do in Nicaragua

Horseback Riding in Nicaragua with Rancho Chilamate

Nicaragua Stories

I am one of those people who keep a bucket list–in fact, I’ve kept one since elementary school, which says something about both my love of lists and my love of travel (since, you know, travel always dominated my bucket lists). Most of the items…