Save Money to Travel the World

35 Ways We Saved $40,000 to Travel the World

Money The Early Days

When Jeremy and I were getting ready to trade in our address and 9-to-5 jobs for a nomadic life and a lot of question marks, we pulled out just about every trick we could find to save money to travel the world. To be honest, we got a bit ridiculous about it. But you know what? We don’t regret a single penny-pinching move that we made, and we didn’t mind…

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First Timer's Guide to Using Airbnb

Happy Thanksgiving & Being a Grateful Traveler

The Early Days

I’ve made no secret of my love of lists: just a month ago I shared my annual birthday list with you guys. Today, I want to share a different list tradition. When I was a teenager, I first came across the idea that grateful people…

We're going to Central America

We’re going to Central America!

The Early Days

It’s that time again: I’m so excited to say that in less than one month, we’ll be boarding a plane and heading off on our next multi-month adventure! Why Central America? When laying out our initial RTW trip plan (a plan that has officially gone…

Things to do in Savannah

Things I Miss About the USA

The Early Days United States

Jeremy and I are coming up on the two month mark of our RTW trip, and so far our homesickness rate has been… just about zero. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the lack of homesickness, and so far haven’t had a single moment that I’ve…

It’s Departure Day!

Stories The Early Days

Y’all. This is really happening, and it feels more than a little unreal. As this post goes live, we should be sitting in an airport for the first of two gigantic layovers (30 hours of travel time is the cost of getting from San Antonio…