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What We’ve Been Up To: December 2017 Review

From a travel perspective, December has been one of our quietest months since leaving the USA for full-time travel–so quiet, in fact, that I almost didn’t write this post.

Ultimately, though, I love having this month-by-month record of our travels to look back on, and I know that future-me would be less than pleased with current-me if I skipped it.

Sadly, we also took approximately zero photos this month, so I’ll be getting a bit creative with photos for this post!

That being said, here’s our quiet December review–I imagine it will be quite some time until we have a block of time with so little travel again.

Where We’ve Been:

San Antonio, Texas

Beaufort, North Carolina (Kate)

Indianapolis, Indiana (Jeremy)

Edmond & Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Light Travel Reads, Summer Books

Highlights of December 2017:

Almost all of our highlights this month centered around family: my cross-country road trip to help my mom and her three cute terriers move from San Antonio, Texas to Beaufort, North Carolina, seeing all of our extended family in Edmond, Oklahoma for Christmas, playing endless tabletop games with my grandparents.

The only real traveling we did this month was my road trip (which was wonderful, but also interesting–see challenges below), and Jeremy’s work trip to Indianapolis, which naturally didn’t leave a lot of time for sightseeing!

Challenges of December 2017:

My mom and I were caught in a freak snowstorm in southern Louisiana on the first full day of our road trip from Texas to North Carolina–we almost couldn’t believe our eyes.

That day saw snow all across the southeastern USA, and we ended up having to pull over and stop driving for the day well before we intended to.

The next day, we were driving through Alabama and ended up hitting two separate hour-long detours due to road closures (which we don’t think were due to the weather, as it had cleared up by then), along with several places that had backed up traffic.

All in all, what should have been a 2-3 day road trip ended up taking a solid 4 days!

Luckily, we had lots of fun along the way–it was great to have so much one-on-one time with my mom, and I loved getting to snuggle with the dogs–but the actual driving was a mess!

Day Trip to Cape Lookout

Featured Travel Product of the Month:


We’re hoping that this year will include more travel in regions where tap water isn’t safe to drink, so we’re getting ready to break out our Steripen again!

We love being able to create safe-to-drink tap water wherever we go, and love the money and environmental waste we’re able to save by not buying water bottles as we go.

This thing was a lifesaver during our travels to Mexico and Central America last year… we will see where it takes us next!

Most Popular Instagram Photo:

This photo of one of Semuc Champey’s less-photographed spots was loved on Instagram–and by us.

We found this spot by walking just a few minutes away from the crowds and spent some time relaxing here without another tourist in sight.

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What’s Next:

It feels weird to say this, but I think that 2018 might be even more of a blank slate than 2016 or 2017 were at the start of the year!

I have no idea exactly where our travels will lead us (other than to amazing places), but I do have a first destination to share: New Orleans!

In less than two weeks, Jeremy and I are packing up our bags and heading south to the Big Easy for the very first time.

New Orleans has been on our list for ages (we’ve planned and canceled several trips there), and I suspect we’re going to love it. We love traveling in the American South, and Savannah ranks as one of our favorite US cities.

While New Orleans will no doubt have a flavor all its own, I think it will fit in very nicely with our tastes.

We’re looking forward to eating our way through the city, enjoying some jazz, and checking out all the tourist highlights on our first trip!

This will also make Louisiana the 23rd US State we have visited together. Once upon a time before our full-time travel life, we set a very reasonable goal of visiting all 50 US States together before our 50th wedding anniversary–at this rate, we may need to move that up by a few decades!

16 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Up To: December 2017 Review”

  1. I think December should be reserved to family and friends as the Christmas and new year are approaching so I think it was great you making a road trip with your mum. I wish I could be that close with my own mum so we could have a daughter and mother road trip but if we were ever left alone we would have injured each other. Inspite of less travel in December, you still got to do quite a lot! Looking forward to read your travel adventures in 2018. Happy new year!

    • It’s definitely nice to have the break for family, it’s true! It’s a very nice reset before going out into the world again. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. Wow what an eventful year! I love how you make the most of your time and travel whenever you can. I would love to visit Tuscany though… all the pictures look so pretty.

    • Thanks! Tuscany is amazing–I’ve been working on a couple more Italy posts this week, and it makes me miss it terribly! Hopefully we’ll get to visit again in 2018. 🙂

  3. You’re so lucky to live in such a vast country that you can spend a lifetime exploring. Good luck on your future travels for 2018. Also, thanks for bringing up the Steripen. It’s been on my radar recently.

    • That’s a great point–we’ll never run out of things to do in the USA! Hope you enjoy the Steripen as much as we do, it has come in very handy.

  4. Though you didn’t travel much, you must have had fulfillment with the little you had especially the trip with your mom. I always love Decembers, there are for families. The extended families and the house is always full. That picture at Semuc Champey is just too amazing. And that picture of you at Tuscany with the house serving as props is beautiful.

    • Thank you! I love those photos, too. And December for families is a great way to think of it–a bit of a respite here at home.

  5. You may have gotten creative with your photos, but they are all super relevant and awesome. A snowstorm in Louisiana? That is definitely strange. December is always an important month to make sure you see family and cherish those close to you, so good on you for that. I am glad you had such an awesome month!

    • It really was–we probably picked one of the worst weather days in years to drive through Louisana, but oh well! We made the most of it.

  6. I’m inspired by your “review” post. What a good way to reflect on all those unforgettable (and the forgettable) travel moments that we live throughout the year. I was also at Semuc Champey in Guatemala in 2017. I love the snap you took of the water and can honestly say I missed that shot. Congratulations to you both!

  7. Wow so many great places you’ve explored in USA! Being stuck in a snowstorm doesn’t sound fun, but at least you were safe and had a memorable time with your mom. I’m sure you’ll enjoy New Orleans this year!

    • It was definitely a very memorable time, lol–all the snow I need to see for a while! We’re very excited for New Orleans–can’t wait to see what we think of it.

  8. That’s an interesting compilation. Thanks for introducing Steripen to me! Its ok, that you guys took 4 days on that road trip, all that’s needed is that you’re safe in the snowstorm! 🙂


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