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What We’ve Been Up To: July 2017 Review

Just like that, our last full month in Boston is over.

July was very good to us: not only did we take some very memorable weekend trips and have plenty of time to spend with friends, our time being semi-still in New England paid off.

Jeremy and I were both able to get plenty of time in to work on our creative pursuits (and I finally revamped our About Us page), and we also got quite a bit of planning done for the fall–Europe, here we come!

Where We’ve Been:

Boston, Massachusetts

New York, New York

Acadia National Park, Maine

Things to Do in Acadia National Park

Highlights of July 2017:

At the last minute, we hopped on a bus to NYC to surprise my friend Hallie for her birthday: seeing her face when she opened her apartment door shocked was absolutely wonderful (as was spending the weekend checking out tasty Spanish food, The Met, The Strand, The Brooklyn Bridge, and plenty of other NYC highlights)!

Just a couple of weeks later, Hallie and our friend Michael came up to see us in Boston, and we ate our way through the city while ostensibly sightseeing. We also caught Shakespeare in the Park’s version of Romeo and Juliet while they were in town, which was an even better performance than any of us expected.

Having close friends so physically accessible this summer has been a dream come true.

Our weekend trip that was just the two of us this month–Acadia National Park–ended up being even more fun than we anticipated. We rented a car for the weekend, and it was our first time having 24/7 access to a car outside of family time since Slovenia last summer, so we relished the chance to drive.

We’re not interested in giving up our car-free life anytime soon, but the occasional luxury of being able to drive anywhere is a treat!

Moore Manor Lavender, Maine

Challenges of July 2017:

Not running ourselves completely ragged.

Having limited time (by choice, but still) in one place makes us want to utilize every second of it–but part of the goal of this summer was also to relax and recuperate, so keeping one eye on that goal is essential.

Luckily, we have scheduled some downtime for our last couple of weeks in Boston that we’re going to try to take advantage of before we start being busy 24/7 again.

Best Money Managing Move:

Deciding during the second half of the month to swear off of weekend trips until we leave Boston in mid-August.

As much as we wish we would have been able to squeeze in trips to Montreal, Niagara Falls, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and more this summer, both our wallets and our (admittedly occasional) need for rest demanded otherwise.

One day, we’ll come back to New England and enjoy more of what the region and surrounding areas have to offer!

Most Popular Instagram Photo:

Truthfully this isn’t my favorite Instagram photo that we posted this month, but I do love it, and Instagram definitely adores the Brooklyn Bridge.

July 2017 Posts:

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View of Central Park, New York City

What’s Next:

August will be a much busier month than July: my dad is coming to visit us in Boston, we’ll be packing up and moving out of our sublet soon after, and we’ll be hitting the road again.

We have stops in Maryland and NYC scheduled, and then in the last few days of August, we are flying off to Prague!

Every day right now is a balance between cherishing every remaining second of this summer and being so excited about going back to Europe that we can barely stop talking about it or planning for it–it’s a beautiful state of mind to be in, and we are loving it.

18 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Up To: July 2017 Review”

  1. Well I think you have done extremely well in July for a couple just trying to take it easy! You still achieved quite a lot and I need to read up on some of your posts. Best of luck for August and your final plans and arrangements for your departure to Europe and I look forward to following your progress.

    • Thanks, Nicole! You’re right–even when we try to slow down, we still manage to get distracted and go wandering off somewhere. 🙂

  2. It’s good that you are able to make the most of your summer! You’ve been to a lot and I’ve also read about your adventure in Acadia National Park, which looks out of this world! Achieving that work-life balance is essential so it’s good to travel while we can, or able to!

  3. You are SO lucky you got to visit some pretty awesome states! I am loving that photo of you at the Brooklyn Bridge! It’s been a while since I’ve traveled to Boston or NYC, and you inspire me to go!

  4. Your picture of Brooklyn Bridge is really a stunning one. What a coincidence that in first week of July I was also in Boston and Newyork. But I missed Acacia National Park as I have to go to Niagara. It is very nice that you are ying to Prague. Have a nice vacation!

  5. Not that I’m much a flower-kinda guy, I have to say arcadias are pretty. Recently, my girlfriend and I hiked here in Korea with the expectation of seeing a field full of arcadias at the summit, as promised by photos plastered around the web. Sadly we timed it a few weeks too early and only found grey clouds and a barren grassland. I’ve never been so disappointed about not getting flowers!
    Anyhoo, sounds like you had a fun July! Hope August is even better!

    • Funny that “Acadia” makes you think of flowers–it always makes me think of a small town in Oklahoma near where Jeremy and I grew up named “Arcadia”. 🙂

  6. It’s amazing isn’t it Instagram, you put a picture you don’t think is good on and it gets more likes than a picture you do like! Staying in and resting on the weekend is a good money saving method, especially if you decide to do a little work or enjoy NetFlix. Hope you have a good August and load up more popular Instagram posts.

  7. What a fun month you guys had visiting NYC and making short road trips within the country. I can see how excited you are about your upcoming travels to Europe and I wish you all the best for all the future adventures. The Instagram picture is so beautifully captured, no wonder it is one of your popular posts of the month!

  8. Whoa. That’s quite an action packed month. New York is high on my list too. I want to feel it’s famous vibe more than anything else. Sad to hear that you could not include the Niagra Fall. As you said. Sometimes you have to sacrifice few destinations due to lack of funds or time. Never mind. That’s an excuse for another holiday on a later date. Hope you have a good time with your dad in August.

    • It definitely does have a vibe to it! Love visiting, but I still say that I would never want to live there–too much concrete, not enough trees, and way too expensive for our taste.


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