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What We’ve Been Up To: November 2017 Review

November has been a month of plane rides: we took four in all, averaging one per week!

We ended up flying back to the USA from Europe on November 15, evenly splitting our month between European travel and US travel–and as wonderful as it feels to be back in the States for the holiday season, we are already missing Europe terribly!

Romantic Things to Do in Tuscany: Tuscan streets in rain

Where We’ve Been:

Florence & Venice, Italy

Bruges & Ghent, Belgium

New York, New York

Austin & San Antonio, Texas

Highlights of November 2017:

Easily the biggest highlight of our month was the people: we spent the second half of the month reconnecting with friends and family, had an amazing, gut-busting Thanksgiving with family in Austin, and are loving the opportunity to savor time with loved ones.

Travel-wise, our biggest highlight was Venice, simply because it was so unexpected: we went expecting to like it, but not love it–and the fact that it was projected to rain for our entire three days there didn’t help.

As it turned out, though, we utterly adored Venice: wandering around (especially when the light from evenings in Venice made everything even more magical) there was like wandering around inside an impressionist painting, and we left knowing that we would definitely be back again one day.

Challenges of November 2017:

We didn’t have any notable challenges in November, which makes us incredibly lucky. Crossing our fingers that December goes as smoothly as November did!

Featured Travel Product of Month:

Swiss Gear Backpack

Three cheers to our trusty day bag! We came across this bag by happenstance this summer (my dad had an extra one sitting around that he passed onto us) right when my beloved North Face Jester Backpack was reaching the end of its 8-year life, and this bag has quickly become a new favorite.

We love how easily we’re able to store all of our electronics in here, including two laptops, during our travel days and how thick and sturdy the bag is.

Most Popular Instagram Photo:

This photo of Liberia Acqua Alta bookshop in Venice quickly became not only our most popular Instagram photo of November, but our most popular Instagram photo of all time.

It’s one of my personal favorites, too, being a proud bookworm and all.

November 2017 Posts:

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Weekend Getaway in Arezzo — We loved our weekend in the small Tuscan city of Arezzo! We spent our time wandering the city, eating delicious food, and visiting highlights like Roman ruins and the town’s old fortress.

What to Do in Bucharest in One Day: 8 Fun Things to Do in Bucharest — Our first trip to Romania involved spending three busy days exploring the best of Bucharest–here’s what you can’t miss on your trip!

What’s Next:

We are officially home for the holidays… sort of.

We’ll be spending the first week or so of December in San Antonio, and then we’ll be splitting up. I’m going to head to North Carolina to help my mom move there (three day road trip across the country with three terriers will be involved in this move–wish us luck!) and Jeremy will be heading to Indianapolis for work.

After that, we’ll meet back up in Oklahoma for Christmas!

Come January–who knows. That is still to be determined, though we’re sure it will be somewhere wonderful. We have a dozen or so epic trips vaguely sketched out that would cover the first couple of months of the year, and at some point, we’ll pull the trigger and book one!

Ghent, Belgium

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18 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Up To: November 2017 Review”

  1. What a great travel month you had! I’m jealous you got to visit Bruges, I’m dying to go back! Love the book shot. I’ve been to Venice but somehow missed this gem!

  2. What an incredible month! Its awesome you traveled so much. I’ve only been to New York, but I’ve always heard good things about Venice. That bookshop looks like a must visit.

    • New York is amazing–still can’t believe it took us until this year to get there. And that bookshop in Venice is definitely worth visiting!

  3. It looks like you had a great travel month! I have spent the entire October in Tuscany and I agree with you, it is such a special place. It’s funny cause I have stayed in Florence in a hotel on the same exact street you have photographed here. And I have the same photo on top of the book, in Venice, at Libreria Aqua Alta 🙂

    • Aw, that’s awesome! Sounds like we all like some of the same places for sure. October felt like the perfect month to be in Tuscany–we’d love to go back at the same time of year again!

  4. It looks like you had a very eventful November! I can see why the photo of the books was your most popular IG shot, it’s brilliant! Looking forward to reading about your next adventures.

    • We definitely did, and thank you! December will probably be a bit calmer, but we shall see! And 2018 is right around the corner.

  5. Awwwn. I love the couple shot and the wpjts. November must have been great for you. Venice allures even when you plan to make it an enemy. The bookstore shot deserved to be raved on IG. It’s beautiful. December would sure be better than November

    • Thank you! Italy was definitely gorgeous in October–the weather turned a bit colder/grayer by the beginning of November, but we didn’t mind.

  6. I love the idea of having a round-up post at the end of every month!! It looks like you guys had some incredible adventures and I can’t wait to see what December brings! Also, love that photo of you standing on top of that massive pile of books! I would be buying those up in a heart beat! Love this!

    • Thank you! I love doing the roundups–it helps me keep track of where we’ve been lol! Otherwise it can all start to blur together.

  7. I also like the idea of having a review post at the end of each month explaining everything you did and where you have been. European travel is amazing, Italy is somewhere I have never been but Venice is very high up the to do list. I have been to Belgium and loved it, although I was in Brussels. 3 day road trip across America sounds amazing. I want to RV through the States, hopefully seeing them all.

    • Oooh, I hope you get the chance to go to Italy soon–it’s one of our favorite countries! We would love to RV through the USA as well! It has been on our “someday” list for a very long time!

  8. You had a great November wandering through Europe. Belgium and Venice are high up on my list as well, I really hope to get there by next year..wish me luck 🙂 I’m yet to land my foot in the US, despite my sister living in California, it’s just keeps pushing back, hopefully, one day 😀 I too love that picture of all the books there, well being a bookworm myself I have an inclination for books myself!!

    • Ooooh, good luck getting to Belgium, Venice, AND the USA! We have barely been to California ourselves yet, but one of these days we’re going to make it happen for sure.


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