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travel budget for croatia

Show Me The Money: Travel Budget for Croatia

travel budget for croatia

Our two weeks in Croatia were characterized by expensive days (excursions, lodging that was on the pricier side for our trip), balanced with very inexpensive days–for one entire week in Jelsa, we paid for almost nothing outside of our lodging and groceries.

The balance worked out well: our travel budget for Croatia ended up being right on target, despite the ups and downs.


Trip Length: 13 full days

Total Cost (excluding transportation in/out): $1392.61, $107.12/day, $53.56 per person/per day


Lodging: $799.81 for 14 nights

At an average of $57.13/night, lodging ate up a bigger chunk of our travel budget for Croatia than in our previous stop of Slovenia. Split, the island of Hvar, and Dubrovnik are all tourist hot spots that we were visiting during the high season, but compromising a bit on location for our lodging helped keep costs reasonable, even if it did keep us away from the city centers.

travel budget for croatia

Transportation: $102.29

Considering that we had three base destinations during the Croatia leg of our trip, and lodging in both Split and Dubrovnik that required public transportation to reach their city centers, transportation costs ended up being fairly reasonable. The ferry between Hvar and Split cost less than $10/person each way, and the bus from Split to Dubrovnik cost less than $20/person.

Restaurant Food: $105.82

With no kitchen access in Split, and limited kitchen access in Dubrovnik, we had more restaurant meals in Croatia than in many of our European destinations. We compensated with several rounds of street food that generally ran between $3-4 per person–the prices felt quite budget friendly for Croatia, but feel laughably expensive to type out while sitting here in Thailand.

travel budget for croatia

Groceries: $103.83

Groceries were very reasonable in Croatia, even in tourist destinations–$103.83 fed us every meal during our week in Jelsa (excluding the fresh garden produce that our Airbnb host was very generous with), about half our meals in Dubrovnik, and a couple of meals in Split.

Tours: $238.89

Our travel budget for Croatia was definitely impacted by our liberal use of excursions, but we don’t regret it–there was just so much to do! The bulk of our expenses in this category was eaten up by a day trip to Krka National Park from Split (just over $50/person), a one day Dubrovnik Card (about $25/person), and our kayaking excursion in Dubrovnik (about $33/person). The kayaking tour was not only a bargain, it was our favorite excursion of the entire European leg of our trip.

travel budget for croatia

Miscellaneous: $41.97

Several bathroom visits and forgettable odds and ends ended up in this category, but the most notable expense was our decision to spend about $20 and get a couple of simple pairs of swimming goggles in Jelsa. They greatly improved our time in the Adriatic Sea while on Hvar, and I wish we had packed them to begin with.

travel budget for croatia
We were very satisfied with our travel budget for Croatia, though it’s debatable whether or not the trade-off for lodging that was further away from attractions in exchange for cheaper prices was worth it. Next time (because there will definitely be a next time), we will consider either raising the amount we are willing to spend or trying to schedule our visit for shoulder season to take advantage of more availability and slightly lower prices.

4 thoughts on “Show Me The Money: Travel Budget for Croatia”

  1. Hi, Jeremy and [email protected]
    I was happy to found Croatia on your must see list. It is in my mind for s long timec to visit, and now, because of you, I can read your review for my next holiday in Croatia. I wondered, if, except your blog, you have also a vlog on You Tube.
    I hope you are ok, during your holiday in USA.
    Have a great time.
    Keep in touch,

    • Hi Cris! Croatia is truly magnificent, hope you have a wonderful trip there!

      We don’t do any vlogging or Youtubing right now, and don’t have plans to change that, but you never know what the future holds!

  2. Hi Kate,

    I’m traveling to Dubrovnik next week and was hoping to do a kayak trip. Just wondering which one you did- where did you go from, how long was it, where did it take you etc

    • Hi Laura!

      We took our tour back in 2016 and just booked it in person from a saleswoman in town, so I don’t know the exact name. It took us around Lokrum Island, briefly into some caves, and into a cove to swim and cliff jump. I believe it was a 2-3 hour tour, give or take. The one I linked here appears to follow the same itinerary–it’s a pretty popular one! Be prepared for aching shoulders, but it’s worth doing in my opinion.


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