What to Buy in Ireland: 25 Best Ireland Souvenirs

Planning a trip to the Emerald Isle and wondering what to buy in Ireland? This guide to the best Ireland souvenirs will help!

Shopping in Ireland is an absolutely delightful experience.

Between the number of unique souvenirs from Ireland that you can pick up to the delightful experience of picking them out, choosing some Irish souvenirs will no doubt enhance your already-magical trip.

Not sure what you want to buy in Ireland?

Here are some fun shopping ideas!

Cozy tearoom in Ireland with a hutch filled with teacups on the right--finding places like this is part of the fun of tracking down what to eat in Ireland
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Decor + Collectibles to Buy in Ireland

If you’d like a beautiful Irish souvenir to display in your home, these souvenirs from Ireland are for you!

Waterford Crystal

Waterford crystal is famous worldwide for its beauty and brilliance, and it is headquartered in the beautiful town of Waterford, Ireland on the west coast of the country.

A tour of the Waterford Crystal Factory itself is an incredible experience that is definitely worth having, but whether you visit Waterford or not, a stunning piece of Waterford crystal is definitely among the best souvenirs from Ireland.

Table setting put together with Waterford Crystal that has flowers in the background. Waterford Crystal is one of the best souvenirs from Ireland.

Irish Pottery and Ceramic

Beautiful pottery and ceramic are extremely popular in Ireland, and you can find them in small tea houses and craft shops around the country.

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In our experience, the Dingle Peninsula in particular has a wonderful selection!

For the most iconic (and priciest, too), you can’t beat the beauty of Belleek china.

Penny's Pottery exterior near Ventry along Slea Head Drive

Original Art

For a particularly memorable souvenir, consider picking up a piece of original Irish art to display in your home.

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Guinness Memorabilia

Touring the Guinness Storehouse is one of the most popular things to do in Dublin–and while there, Guinness fans will have plenty of opportunities to shop for Guinness-themed souvenirs, including beer glasses, t-shirts, replicas of vintage signs, and more.

Of course, even if you don’t visit the Guinness Storehouse, you can still easily find Guinness memorabilia for sale all over Ireland.

Two pints of Guinness being held up in front of a window at the Guinness Storehouse--definitely pay this spot a visit during your 2 days in Dublin Ireland.

Christmas Ornaments

Whether you’re visiting during the holiday season or not, Christmas ornaments are fun and easy-to-find Ireland souvenirs!

Teapot + Cups

It’s easy to fall in love with tea drinking and the charm of a beautiful tea set while in Ireland–even if, like me, you were never much of a tea-drinker before visiting.

What better way to remember your trip than to pull out your Irish tea set whenever you brew a cup at home? 

Traditional afternoon tea service shot from above at Belleek Castle--experiences like this are definitely worth keeping in mind when putting together your Ireland travel budget

Irish Linen

Irish linen is known around the world for its beauty, durability, and quality. If you’re in the market for a new linen piece, shopping in Ireland is bound to give you a dizzying array of excellent choices.

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Images of the Dublin Doors

As you stroll the streets of Dublin, you’ll notice that the residents of the city have a wonderfully colorful tradition: the beautiful Georgian front doors of Dublin’s homes tend to be extremely colorful!

There’s a long history behind why, but today, the doors are an iconic symbol of Dublin, and images of them make excellent souvenirs from Ireland, whether that’s in the form of a photo, a painting, or even a magnet!

6 colorful doors of Dublin Ireland displayed in a grid pattern

Best Foodie Souvenirs from Ireland

Personally, we tend to be partial to food-centered souvenirs on our travels, as they make it so easy to extend a trip by bringing part of a destination home with us.

These foodie souvenirs from Ireland are perfect for bringing a taste of Ireland home!

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Irish Whiskey

Whether you go for the ever-famous Jameson whiskey (you can even pick some up after touring the distillery, if you’d like!) or for one of Ireland’s more niche whiskey producers, whiskey lovers will find plenty of opportunity to stock up on local Irish whiskey!

Glass of whiskey being poured into a highball glass holding ice cubes. Whiskey is one of the best things to buy in Ireland

Brown Bread

Not all of Ireland’s delicious food can be easily transported home–but Irish brown bread (also known as Irish soda bread) easily can be.

Irish Chocolate

There is some delicious artisanal chocolate that is made in Ireland… but Dublin is also the home of Cadbury, and many Cadbury connoisseurs swear that the chocolate is just a bit tastier when purchased in Ireland!

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Irish cheeses–and dairy products in general–are some of the absolute best on the planet.

If you’re a fan of Irish cheese, consider picking up a block (or several) during your trip to Ireland.

Plate of Irish cheese being displayed with a glass of whiskey on a black platter. Irish cheese is one of the best Ireland souvenirs


Fall in love with Irish tea during your trip to the Emerald Isle? Consider picking some up to bring home!

Irish Cookbook

Irish food is absolutely delicious–if you fall in love with it on your trip to the Emerald Isle as much as we have, consider bringing a taste of Ireland home with you in the form of an Irish cookbook!

The Long Room at Trinity College photographed from the center--an absolute must-see when spending 2 days in Dublin.

Best Ireland Souvenirs to Wear

If your idea of the perfect souvenir is something you can wear, these Ireland souvenirs might be for you.

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Claddagh Ring

Dating to the 17th century, Irish Claddagh rings are one of the most popular things to buy in Ireland and carry symbolism that reaches beyond a fond memory of a trip.

Wear the ring on your right hand with the heart facing away from your body to symbolize that you’re single, on your right hand with the heart facing inward to symbolize that you’re in a relationship, and on your left hand with the heart facing out to show that you’re engaged.

Finally, if you’re married, the ring is worn as a wedding band, on the left hand with the heart facing inward.

However you wear your Claddagh ring, there’s no doubt that it is an especially meaningful purchase when in Ireland where the tradition originated–and especially if you’re taking a romantic trip with your partner!

Irish Claddagh ring sitting on a wood surface. When deciding what to buy in Ireland, consider this traditional ring.

Other Silver Jewelry

If a Claddagh ring isn’t your style, Ireland still has a wide variety of beautiful jewelry to shop for. The country is especially known for its gorgeous silver pieces.

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Aran Sweater

An Aran wool sweater is one of the most popular and iconic souvenirs from Ireland, and is definitely a beautiful one!

The craft hails from the Aran Islands, located a short ferry ride away from Doolin (near the Cliffs of Moher), but even if you don’t make it out to the islands, the sweaters are easy to find–you can find them for sale all over the country.

Souvenir shop in Ireland selling wool sweaters. The building is stone and red. If you want to buy wool in Ireland, don't overpack when deciding what to bring to Ireland.

Other Wool Items to Wear

Want a piece of Aran wool to wear but don’t want a sweater? Hats, scarves, and gloves are also great options.

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Donegal Tweed

Hailing from County Donegal, Donegal tweed is absolutely beautiful and makes for a lovely souvenir from Ireland.

Roll of blue Donegal tweed

Other Things to Buy in Ireland

Connemara Marble

Ireland’s famous Connemara marble is gorgeous and tends to have a distinct green hue–if you pass by the region of Connemara, a small piece of marble makes for an excellent (and easy to carry home) Irish souvenir!

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Wool Blanket

If you love the idea of shopping for Irish wool but don’t like to wear it, consider picking up a thick wool blanket as one of your souvenirs from Ireland.

Stone building in Ireland with a bike leaning against the wall. A wool blue blanket is laying over the bike and a window in the building is lined in red

Wool Yarn

Love the idea of Irish wool, but prefer to knit a piece yourself?

Consider picking up some local yarn to bring home from Ireland!

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Books About Ireland

One of my favorite things about traveling in English-speaking countries is the ease of picking up unique books that I may never come across shopping at home.

From books containing famous Irish quotes to little-known memoirs, there’s plenty to love about browsing bookshops in Ireland.

Bibliophiles will find plenty of literary Ireland souvenirs to choose from, and while you can’t go wrong with beautiful copies of works by famous Irish authors like Oscar Wilde and James Joyce, consider also picking up a book on local Irish history or culture!

If you have little ones in your life, Irish children’s books also make wonderful gifts to bring home from Ireland.

Bookstore in Ireland as shot facing a line of bookcases on the back wall. A few people are browsing at the shelves

Inexpensive (But Fun!) Souvenirs from Ireland

Only have a few Euro or a tiny bit of luggage space to spare as you go shopping in Ireland?

These easy, fun Ireland souvenirs might be for you!

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Magnets are one of the most popular souvenirs to collect around the world: they’re inexpensive, easy to find, and lots of fun to pick out!

I bought a fun magnet with an Irish sheep on it during our first trip to Ireland years ago, and it still makes me smile whenever I see it.

Collection of magnets in Ireland--a row of matching leprechaun magnets on top of a row of matching sheep magnets


While you can buy an artisanal ceramic mug in Ireland as we mentioned above, there are also plenty of inexpensive-but-fun touristy mugs for sale around Ireland that can make a great addition to your collection! 


Postcards are the ultimate combination of inexpensive, easy to pack, and easily personalized, making them one of the best budget souvenirs from Ireland!

They tend to run .50 to 1 Euro each, but if you’re up to spending an extra couple Euro on top of that, consider filling a postcard out with your memories of the day right then and there–and then sending it to yourself so you can relive your Ireland memories as you return home.

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Tips for Buying Irish Souvenirs

Consider shipping fragile items home.

If you buy something that is particularly fragile, heavy, or potentially regulated, it’s definitely worth at least inquiring about the cost of shipping–many small businesses and artisans in Ireland are able and willing to ship their goods abroad.

Irish tea set with pink flowers being displayed at Belleek Castle. A beautiful tea set is one of the best Irish souvenirs

Have a plan for what Ireland souvenirs you’d like to purchase before arriving.

There’s no need to stick to your plan exactly, of course–shopping spontaneously can be part of the fun of travel–but having a general idea of what you want to look for when shopping in Ireland can help add structure to your browsing, and in some cases, help limit indecisiveness (it definitely does for me!).

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Consider quality over quantity.

When deciding what to bring home from Ireland, think about quality over quantity. It’s incredibly easy to end up buying more Irish souvenirs than you planned, and end up with more knick-knacks than you really need.

In our experience, it’s much better to buy 1-2 truly memorable souvenirs than a whole slew of less memorable ones!

Kate Storm in a blue skirt standing in front of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. She's looking away from the camera.

Be prepared to pay steep prices for handmade goods.

For example, a truly handmade Aran sweater can easily be a couple hundred Euro–but if you’re willing to compromise with a machine-knit one as you weigh what to buy in Ireland, the prices will certainly drop.

Check on transportation regulations.

For the vast majority of these souvenirs from Ireland, there is absolutely no issue with bringing them back yourself in your checked luggage–but for food items, be sure to double-check any necessary regulations before packing up to leave.

For Americans like us, check the TSA regulations here.

Front facade of a colorful boosktore in Kilkenny Ireland

Note the place and date of purchase on your souvenirs from Ireland.

You may find it easy to remember when and where you purchased your beautiful souvenirs from Ireland now–but give it a decade or three, and you may be very glad you noted the place and year of purchase with the item!

We tend to write the info on the bottom of home decor pieces or Christmas ornaments and love the tradition of it–and, for example, we’ll definitely never forget what year we purchased our shamrock ornament in Waterford because of it.

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… and leave extra space in your bag!

It’s definitely worth leaving a couple of extra outfits or gadgets at home in order to make sure you have room in your bag for a few of the best souvenirs from Ireland!

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  1. I’ve been to Ireland twice and I stand by all the souvenirs suggested here. The sweaters make EXCELLENT holiday or birthday gifts.

  2. Brilliant ideas here! I love Butler’s Irish chocolate, and a visit to a Butler’s chocolate cafe (lots of them in Dublin) is one of my favourite/favorite things to do. Coffee, delicious chocolate and a chance to pick up some chocolate gifts is a great way to refuel for more sightseeing!

  3. As for pottery, Nicholas Mosse is beautiful, sturdy pottery that can go dishwasher to table. Gorgeous sets in various patterns and multiple size bowls, table settings and serving platters. You can find in most pottery stores, especially in the Dublin area. Most shops will ship.

  4. Totally love all your suggestions. However I couldn’t help but notice the lack of suggestions for buying for children. In my case it is grandchildren. I like the idea of sharing with them things / history of where I have traveled. Again thank you for sharing. Nan

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