Koh Tao and Utila: Where to Learn to Scuba Dive

Koh Tao vs. Utila: Choosing a Beginner Scuba Diving Destination

Honduras Thailand Travel Planning

The best places to go scuba diving for beginners could be debated all day, but when you narrow the search down to the best and cheapest places to go diving, one thing is absolutely true: Koh Tao, Thailand and Utila, Honduras almost always make the list. Both islands offer Open Water certifications at very low prices, both have a plethora of beginner-friendly dive sites, and both have plenty of dive…

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Travel Budget for Thailand

Show Me The Money: Travel Budget for Thailand

Asia Money Thailand

The theme of our travel budget for Thailand (and Laos and Cambodia, for that matter) was this: we could have done it cheaper, but we simply didn’t want to. We kept to a great moderate budget in many ways, such as sticking to private rooms…

How to Ethically Visit Elephants in Thailand

How to Ethically Visit Elephants in Thailand

Asia Thailand

Interacting with elephants may be the most sought after tourism activity in Thailand, and we were no exception to wanting to get up close and personal with them. Jeremy and I spent a full day with four sweet elephants outside of Chiang Mai. We didn’t…

chatuchak weekend market bangkok

13 Ways to Fall in Love with Bangkok

Asia Thailand

Bangkok is chaos. It is sprawling, sweltering, smelly, sophisticated, and spunky. This is a city that has a vibe, an attitude, a life of its own. It was hard for me to love it at first, but once you get the hang of Bangkok, there’s…

long term travel is cheaper than you think

Month 4 Review: RTW Trip

Asia Cambodia Laos Our Journey Thailand

We began and ended month four of our travels on an island. In other words, it has been a good month. In between starting month four on Koh Tao and ending it here on Koh Rong, we explored plenty of beaches, waterfalls, cities, jungles, and…

chatuchak weekend market bangkok

Go See the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok

Asia Thailand

Confession: it took me two visits to Bangkok to go from being skeptical to truly enjoying the city. Jeremy had no such qualms and adored Bangkok from the moment that the plane touched down on the tarmac, but I was hesitant: it was the epitome…

learning to scuba dive around koh tao

Learning to Scuba Dive Around Koh Tao

Asia Thailand

On the long list of things that Jeremy and I have in common, a desire to learn how to scuba dive has always been included. It’s adventurous. It involves swimming, which we both adore. There’s an opportunity to discover a whole new-to-us world. And, of…