Best Day Trips from Bologna: View of Verona

The Ultimate Packing List for Italy

Italy Packing

Putting together a packing list for Italy can be a daunting task–especially for a first visit! Italy is one of the most fashionable countries in the world, it’s full of gorgeous views that you’ll likely want to be photographed with, and–to complicate things a bit–the weather and topography vary dramatically, from sizzling summer beaches in Puglia to excellent skiing conditions during winter in the Dolomites. Trying to decide what to…

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What to Pack for Colombia: Tayrona National Park Beach

What to Pack for Colombia: The Ultimate Colombia Packing List

Colombia Packing

Stunning Caribbean beaches, mountain hikes, exploring the muddy Cocora Valley, chasing waterfalls, exploring the nightlife in the fashionable “city of eternal spring” in Medellin… Colombia’s list of attractions is a mile long, but the sheer variety of things to do and climates to experience means…

Packing List for Europe in the Fall: South Tyrol, Italy

Your Complete Packing List for Europe in the Fall


After almost a year and a half of full-time travel, packing up our backpacks for multi-month adventures is starting to feel normal. We have hit our stride with packing at this point–we know what we need, and what we can leave behind. If you’re a…

Travel Items Packing List

12 Tiny Items Under $50 to Add to Your Travel Packing List


Making a travel packing list for long-term travel is nearly always overwhelming. Choosing between what to bring and what to leave behind, what to stash an extra supply of and what to buy on the road, trying to predict what you will really need while you…