Cappadocia, Turkey Hot Air Balloons

The Charm of Cappadocia in Vignettes

Stories Turkey

Confession: I wasn’t sure we were going to be overwhelmed by the landscapes in Cappadocia. The fairy chimneys and rock formations are impressive, but in photos they tend to come off looking a lot like… well, Utah. And Arizona. And the American southwest in general. While those locations are incredible and we love the national parks in the area, they’re also located within a couple of days drive of where…

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2 Weeks in Italy Itinerary: Arezzo, Tuscany

The Subtle Joy of Doing Nothing in Tuscany

Italy Stories

After a combined nearly two months of traveling through Tuscany in the last couple of years, we have come to learn that trying to describe some of our best days there can often leave us feeling a bit like a high school student being asked…

Second Trip to Paris: Books on Banks of the Seine

Our Second Trip to Paris: The Best New Experiences

Food France Stories

On our second trip to Paris, I saw a ghost. Not really, of course–I’m not exactly a superstitious person–but it felt like I had one with me all the same. Everywhere I went, slightly younger, far less traveled, and somewhat better-dressed versions of Jeremy and…

Ultimate Packing List for Mexico and Central America

26 Things I Did While I Was 26


Last year, I shared one of my personal traditions on the blog: every year since my twenty-second birthday, I have made a list on my birthday as a gift to myself: “21 Things I Did When I Was 21”, or whatever the corresponding number of…

Weather in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Our Conflicted Feelings About Bocas del Toro

Panama Stories

I’ve really struggled with how to put our thoughts on Bocas del Toro into words. The truth is, blogging about destinations is much easier when we fall in love with them–it’s a far simpler task to rave about a place than it is to discuss…

Things to do in Nicaragua

Horseback Riding in Nicaragua with Rancho Chilamate

Nicaragua Stories

I am one of those people who keep a bucket list–in fact, I’ve kept one since elementary school, which says something about both my love of lists and my love of travel (since, you know, travel always dominated my bucket lists). Most of the items…