About the Storms

Kate Storm and Jeremy Storm on a balcony overlooking Positano

Hi, we’re Jeremy & Kate Storm!

Once upon a time, we bought two plane tickets and didn’t come back.

We are full-time travel bloggers with an insatiable desire to travel the world and to help you do the same.

For the last 7 years and counting, we have been following our passions to wherever sounds funky or fun, dazzling or delicious, and wild or whimsical.

And, along the way, we’ve been documenting it all here on Our Escape Clause!

The origin of Our Escape Clause is one that is common on the internet: in our years together, Jeremy and I collected a couple of degrees, logged too many hours in office jobs, bought a house, sold a house, and then decided to sell it all and become full-time globetrotters.

The globetrotting was only supposed to last for 6 months, but one thing turned into another, and we never stopped.

Fast forward to 2023, and we are continuing to live a life of travel that was once beyond our wildest dreams–now, usually with our adorable dog, Ranger, in tow.

While we traded living out of backpacks for an apartment lease after 4 years of long-term travel, we consider our movements merely slowed down, not finished.

kate storm jeremy storm and ranger storm sitting on the edge of the duoro river porto portugal
Enjoying one of our many trips to Porto, Portugal.

Since 2020, we have spent a year living in Austin, a bit over that living in Lisbon, Portugal, and are now based in New York City (for now).

Where will we live next?

Your guess is as good as ours–we always have a dozen or so options in mind.

(If you’re curious about our life in NYC, want to follow our travels in real-time, or are just looking for lots of Ranger photos, Instagram Stories is the best place to find us!).

kate storm and ranger storm in central park new york city with skyscrapers in the background
Central Park, NYC

While we struggle to narrow it down and are constantly adding to this list, a handful of our most memorable experiences from traveling the world include:

Though they tend to be quieter months, without a doubt some of our most treasured memories from our years of travel include our time spent “living” for 1-3 months in various cities around the globe, including in Rome, Florence, Istanbul, Boston, Cape Town, and Bologna.

We’ve also developed quite a love for road trips over the years that have helped us enjoy more in-depth adventures than we potentially would otherwise.

From sampling the villages of southern Spain, Tuscany, and Ireland to marveling at wildlife on safari in South Africa to falling in love with Utah’s national parks, we count our many road trips among our fondest travel memories.

kate storm jeremy storm and ranger storm overlooking brisighella italy
Visiting Brisighella on a magical road trip through Emilia-Romagna, Italy!

About Our Escape Clause

While we occasionally share travel stories or personal reflections on this website, Our Escape Clause is and always will be much more about your travels than ours!

We are dedicated to using this space to share detailed, actionable advice for planning trips around the world, whether that is sharing exactly how to make the most of a week in Italy or where to find the best road trips in the USA.

We use our flexible schedule and insatiable curiosity to dive deep into our favorite places, revisiting the same countries, cities, and even attractions again and again in order to provide you with the best travel advice that we can.

Our Escape Clause tends to focus primarily on travel in the USA and Europe, with a special focus on Italy, but our love of worldwide travel draws us to create content from across the globe, and you’ll find travel tips for places as diverse as Jordan, Colombia, and Mozambique here.

Stick around long enough, though, and you’ll no doubt notice which places we have a particular affinity for visiting repeatedly!

Those include but certainly are not limited to Italy, France, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, the US South (Savannah ranks among our favorite cities in the world), Ireland, and Mexico.

Kate Storm in a gray dress standing in Rue de l'Universite in Paris with the Eiffel Tower behind her
Paris is one of our favorite (and most written about) cities in the world!

I also have a love for crafting detailed travel itineraries, so you’ll find suggested routes for everywhere from Rome to Paris to New York to Mexico City to Istanbul here.

If you’re looking for information on a specific destination, we recommend using our destinations page or the search bar on the top right of the screen (or on your phone, through the pop-out menu in the top left of the screen).

With 500+ posts covering travel in 50+ countries, we have an enormous amount of information to share!

And, with the exception of a very small handful of day trips, food tours, and similar in 2017-2018, we have always paid and will always pay for our own travel, and travel anonymously as we explore.

We’re also committed to ensuring that Our Escape Clause remains 100% human-produced and oriented: you’ll never find a single word or photo generated by AI here!

We don’t work to promote specific places or attractions on behalf of anyone else, preferring to remain “normal” travelers who take vacations across the world.

Our goal is to use this website to show what is possible with independent travel–and hopefully help you fall in love with our personal favorite places along the way!

(Wondering how we earn a living? It’s pretty simple: we earn money via the ads you see displayed on Our Escape Clause as you scroll, and also via commissions that we sometimes earn at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through a link on our site–for example, if you book a tour or hotel that we recommend. We are incredibly grateful to call this our full-time job, and we don’t think it’ll ever stop feeling like a surreal dream come true!)

kate storm and jeremy storm on a glacier tour iceland
Glacier hiking in Iceland is unforgettable!

If you’d like to get in touch with us, leave a comment on the post you’re reading, reach out via Instagram DM, or shoot us an email at hello [@] ourescapeclause.com.

We may take several days to respond if we’re on the road, but we make an effort to answer every email from a reader.

Thank you so much for being here–we are thrilled to have you around!

Kate & Jeremy Storm