Your Quick Malta Travel Guide (What to Do, Where to Stay + Tips!)

As Europe’s smallest island nation, Malta doesn’t traditionally get a lot of tourist attention from visitors outside of Europe–but that is changing, and this quick Malta travel guide will help you discover this unique Meditteranean country.

… and hopefully, convince you that planning a trip to Malta is a great idea!

Though it is regularly overshadowed by heavy hitters like popular Italy, Spain, Greece, and Croatia, there is no doubt that Malta has a charm all its own.

Boasting warm temperatures and sunshine well into autumn, Malta is one of the best fall destinations in Europe–which is why we chose to visit in September!

Regardless of what time of year you visit, though, you’re bound to find something to love about Malta.

Thinking about planning a trip to Malta soon?

This quick Malta travel guide will get your plans started!

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Essential Things to Know About Malta

Before you arrive, make sure you know a few things about Malta!

Malta uses the Euro.

We also found credit cards to be widely accepted, and ATMs were easy to locate.

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You may not want to drink the water.

While online sources say that the water is technically safe to drink, we did not like the way it tasted (in fact, we’d say it’s probably to worst tasting water we’ve come across in our travels).

We drank it anyway for the first couple of days, but after several locals emphatically told us not to drink it (they seemed a bit horrified that we were drinking it in the first place) and my stomach started to protest a bit, we switched to bottled.

view of st peters pool included in a malta travel guide

In Malta, you drive on the left.

… And not only on the left, but they also drove in a way that felt quite reckless to us.

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Malta has an enormous amount of traffic jams considering its size and watching the cars weave quickly in between lanes and the aggression of the drivers, we were glad we opted not to drive.

If you’re planning to rent a car in Malta, be sure to come prepared for a driving experience that will require all of your concentration!

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English is one of the official languages of Malta.

The other one is Maltese, though no one expects visitors to speak it.

Italian is also widely spoken, especially among the older generation.

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Malta is a former British colony.

This is no surprise to Brits, of course, but Americans like us may be taken by surprise–if they haven’t watched The Crown, anyway.

Malta gained independence in 1964 from the United Kingdom in 1964.

The British weren’t Malta’s first colonizers, though: as a small island conveniently located between northern Africa and southern Europe, Malta has been visited by (and ruled over) by just about everyone over the centuries, including the Romans and Byzantines.

view of sea off the island of gozo, a fun stop during a malta travel guide

Malta is the name of both an island and a country.

Malta is both the name of the largest island in the country, as well as the country itself.

Malta the country, though, is actually an archipelago.

Gozo (home to some villages and sites, and once the famous Azure Window), and Comino (home to three people and the famous Blue Lagoon) are the other two islands that make up the country of Malta.

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Comino is fairly small and the Blue Lagoon is essentially its only claim to fame, but there are lots of cool things to do on Gozo, starting with visiting the Citadel, admiring the Wied il-Mielah Sea Arch, stopping by the Marsalforn Salt Pans, and of course, relaxing on the gorgeous Ramla Beach.

We visited several of the best places to visit on Comino and Gozo (including the Blue Lagoon!) on this memorable day trip.

Book your cruise around Gozo and Comino today!

small boat in otherwise empty blue lagoon malta

Fun Things to Do in Malta

If you’re looking for ideas on what to do in Malta, consider scuba diving, sailing, swimming in the famous Blue Lagoon, visiting the Hagar Qim Temples that date back to 3600 — 3200 BCE, touring the nearby island of Gozo, visiting the beautiful Blue Grotto caves, strolling through the “silent city” of Mdina, and enjoying the beautiful beaches... just to start with!

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No trip to Malta is complete without spending time in the capital city of Valletta, admiring the views from the Upper Barrakka Gardens, a cruise over to the Three Cities for views, and a visit to the colorful Marsaxlokk fishing village!

Even a full week in Malta won’t cover everything there is to do, but it will be sure to give you an excellent taste of the country.

We’ve rounded up the best things to do in Malta here!

front facade of a building in valletta malta

Where to Stay When Visiting Malta

While on Malta, we stayed at Central Suites in the town of Bugibba near St. Paul’s Bay, which is semi-conveniently located for accessing Gozo and Comino (the island that the Blue Lagoon is next to), but not convenient for much else.

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We enjoyed the neighborhood we were in, but wouldn’t stay there again because it is so far out of the way!

If we return to Malta, we will stay in Valletta, which is not only the capital (and home to a central bus station that makes it simple to get everywhere you want to visit in Malta), but was also our favorite city that we saw in Malta–it was home to lovely sites, lots of restaurant options, and, in our totally biased opinion, it was the prettiest!

Checking into a property like the well-reviewed Melior Boutique Hotel or Hotel Pjazza Merkanti would be at the top of our list.

aerial view of the three cities, one of the best things to do in malta

… Or, if we felt like a splurge, perhaps the gorgeous Embassy Valletta Hotel–those views are incredibly tempting!

Sliema is very close to Valletta (there’s a short water taxi that goes between them) and is another option worth considering.

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St. Julian’s Bay is near Valletta and Sliema as well and is popular with travelers looking for nightlife.

We would not recommend staying in Marsaxlokk.

kate storm in a navy blue dress in front of the marsaxlokk harbor, one of the best places to visit in malta

The fishing village is adorable and cute to visit for a day, but it is small and remotely placed from the rest of the island–you’ll eat up way too much time in transportation by staying there!

If you’d like a different, quiet experience in Malta, consider staying on the island of Gozo or even Comino (there are only three full-time residents on Comino, and they run a hotel during the summer!).

Keep in mind that this plan isn’t for people who want to easily access Malta’s most famous attractions, but it can be great for travelers who are looking to step off the beaten path and/or spend lots of time on the water.

Check rates & book your stay in Malta today!

Things to Do in Malta: Valletta

Getting Around Malta

Don’t be fooled by Malta’s small size!

No matter where you stay in Malta, you’re going to be faced with some significant time on the road to get between major destinations–often more than an hour each way.

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Though you can rent a car, if you’re not a confident driver in heavy traffic and/or on the left side of the road, we would recommend using Malta’s incredibly extensive bus system to save money, stress, and fossil fuels!

The bus will get you virtually anywhere you need to go on the island of Malta.

view of marsaxlokk harbor malta

For 21 Euros, you can buy a seven-day unlimited travel pass for Malta’s bus system.

Standalone, one-way tickets are 2 Euros in the summer, 1.50 Euros in the winter, and 3.00 Euros for night journeys and express buses.

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You can check bus schedules and keep up with routes on Malta’s free transportation app, the Tallinja App.

We used the app some but actually found Google Maps to be more useful for getting around Malta.

view of Calypso Caves from above, one of the best things to do in malta in september

What to Pack for Malta

Sea Bands: If you get seasick easily, I can’t recommend these bands enough–they are the reason I was able to enjoy a boat excursion in Malta!

Type G Adaptors: Unlike most of Europe, you’ll need Type G adaptors (aka UK adaptors) for your electronics in Malta.

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An EU SIM Card: Having access to Google Maps in real-time was a must when dealing with managing bus schedules across the island.

You can pick these up when you arrive in the country–we used the one we had picked up in Prague.

Things to Do in Malta: Blue Lagoon

Sunscreen: Like in any beach destination, you’ll pay a premium for sunscreen here–better to come prepared when planning a trip to Malta.

Swim Goggles: We love packing swim goggles for beach destinations: they’re cheap, they’re small and light to pack, and they make swimming (especially if you wear contacts like us) much more fun!

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Malta may be a small country, but this Mediterranean island nation definitely doesn’t deserve to be overlooked.

Plan a trip to Malta and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful views, a chance to learn about some incredible history, and a great excuse for some fun in the sun!

kate storm and jeremy storm on a boat in malta

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  1. Love these tips! I’ve been wanting to visit Malta for quite some time! I had no idea they drive on the left, that’s interesting to note. Looks like a really fun place for a long weekend getaway!

  2. I’d love to visit Malta, especially as I’m in Sicily quite often. Gozo sounds like my kind of place, just the island life. You were brave to drink the tap water there; I always stick to bottled!

  3. I had no idea that Malta was technically an archipelago. It’s such a beautiful place and where I’d love to snorkel and scuba dive. I love how rich a history that is in Malta. I’d love to discover it’s hidden stories!

    • The architecture is incredible! I love all the enclosed balconies. I think you could probably see all the highlights in 5-7 days if you move fast… we were there for 5 full days and got through about 70% of them, though we tend to check things off rather slowly these days. The biggest thing is planning out your schedule well to limit transportation time!

  4. I LOVE this post!! I have been seeing Malta all over Instagram and have been interested in going but most of this was new to me. They drive on the left side? English is the official language? It’s an archipelago? So interesting!! This made me want to visit even more, so thanks for sharing! It’s officially on my list.

    • Thanks, Christie! Hope you get a chance to go. Malta has definitely been popping up more and more on Instagram et al. this year–it’s easy to see why, it is quite photogenic along the coasts!

  5. I am surprised to know the water of Malta is not good to be consumed by an outsider ! Also, it is good to know English is one of the official languages, that saves a lot of stress in communicating. The 21 Euro seven day unlimited travel pass sounds like a budget way to travel within the country!

    • We were, too–it didn’t even occur to us not to drink it at first! A couple of locals we talked to were mildly horrified when they heard we were drinking it.

  6. Malta has been making all the right news off late. I love traveling to offbeat places like this one. Despite the small size, there is so much to se/do/eat in Malta. One of my facebook friend lives in Malta. Hope to visit her soon. You shared some really useful tips since not much is known about Malta.

    • It definitely has been! Malta is still a bit offbeat for now, but I’m not sure how long it will stay that way. Hope you get a chance to go!

  7. What a great guide of Malta! The water fact definitely surprised me, I thought this was only a rule for places like India or countries in Africa. Good to know! Also, the architecture is something to die for. You captured the true essence of this paradise! Thank you for sharing. All best, Mariella

  8. Hi Jeremy and Kate,

    I’m glad you chose to visit our gem of a country!
    Malta has a lot to offer, hospitality is in the genes of most people… and lots to offer in terms of history and attractions.
    Every where we dig here underground temples and very important discoveries are made :0

    Take care and hope to see you soon in Malta.

  9. Thanks a lot, Kate Storm for an amazing presentation of a real jewel !!!

    Most certainly, I will be there in coming October.

    Your Briefing is quite Decent and Comprehensive !!!!

  10. A reminder to make a booking first for some of the temples. Also the ferry from Gozo and Valetta is limited in the off season January and February. A return ticket is essential. Valletta is definitely the place to stay. 5 unesco sites and one of the best archaeological museums I have seen. I have to say it’s not inexpensive. Meals are pricey accommodation even in the low season. bus trips are plentiful and buying a travel pass is the way to go.


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