Sandbars in Vilanculos, Mozambique

Fun & Ridiculous Moments in Vilanculos, Mozambique

Mozambique Stories

Our time in Vilanculos, Mozambique was full of beautiful views, relaxing moments, and plenty of sunshine. It was also, quite frankly, full of some of our most ridiculous travel moments to date. Ultimately we didn’t really do much in Vilanculos–like in several other beach destinations around the world (Hvar, Croatia, Isla Holbox, Mexico, and Koh Rong, Cambodia all come to mind), we found ourselves happiest when enjoying the views and…

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Tofo, Mozambique: Girl on Beach

Tofo, Mozambique: What to Know & How to Get There


When it came to researching our trip to beautiful Tofo, Mozambique–the tiny backpacker enclave set on the east coast of the country–I quickly discovered what it must have been like for travelers planning vacations in oh, say, 2006 or so. It’s not that there was…