Best Viewpoints in Prague: Old Town Bridge Tower

Show Me The Money: Travel Budget for Prague

Czechia Money

Typically, we aim for our time in European cities to involve a reasonably priced Airbnb or hotel, a few entrance fees to points of interest and perhaps an occasional splurge of an excursion, and a food budget split between groceries or street food and sit-down restaurants. In Prague, we did well with the first two… and not so well with the last. We spoiled ourselves by eating out twice a…

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Travel Budget for Nicaragua

Show Me The Money: Travel Budget for Nicaragua

Money Nicaragua

Our travel budget for Nicaragua had a different balance than in most of the countries we visit: we were tired from our time in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras, which led us to spend less time (and money!) on excursions and more on laid-back activities…

long term travel is cheaper than you think

9 Ways That Long Term Travel is Cheaper Than You Think


There’s a flaw in the way that non-long term travelers calculate the potential cost of long term travel: they make an inherent assumption that their two week vacation is how much it costs to travel for two weeks, and then conclude that spending at that…

Travel Budget for Honduras

Show Me The Money: Travel Budget for Honduras

Honduras Money

We knew that our travel budget for Honduras was going to be higher than in other Central American countries due to our love of scuba diving–but I have to say that the numbers were still a little higher than we hoped for! With seven dives,…

Travel Budget for Guatemala

Guatemala Travel Budget: What Did Our Trip Cost?

Guatemala Money

Our Guatemala trip was not only tons of fun, it also ended up having a very reasonable price tag: our Guatemala travel budget reflects the lowest cost per day of anywhere we have been since starting to travel full-time! Though we did do several things…

Placencia, Belize

Belize Travel Budget: Show Me The Money

Belize Money

Oh, Belize: you were beautiful, you were home to one of our favorite tours to date, and you were very expensive for your region. We intentionally planned a shorter stay in Belize than in neighboring Mexico and Guatemala, because we knew that our travel budget…

Travel Budget for Mexico

Our Mexico Travel Budget: Show Me The Money

Mexico Money

When we made our Mexico travel budget, we hoped to spend about $80 total per day, or $40/person. After 43 full days of travel (not including one half day), we ended up spending almost exactly that! Not only are we happy about sticking to our…

Travel Budget for Cambodia

Cambodia Travel Budget: Show Me The Money

Cambodia Money

We had so much fun in Cambodia. Though our Cambodia travel budget came in at almost $50 per person/per day–quite a chunk of change for the area–we don’t feel like we blew our budget the same way that we did in Laos. Though we spent…