Prague or Budapest: Budapest view of Danube

Prague or Budapest: Which One Should You Visit?

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Prague or Budapest, Budapest or Prague: it’s a common question when planning a Central European trip these days, as both cities have risen in tourism prominence over the last decade or so. Most people who have been to both have a strong preference for one or the other (including us!), but the truth is, these are both incredibly beautiful, captivating cities that are worthy of a spot on any Central…

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Best Viewpoints in Prague: Old Town Bridge Tower

Show Me The Money: Travel Budget for Prague

Czechia Money

Typically, we aim for our time in European cities to involve a reasonably priced Airbnb or hotel, a few entrance fees to points of interest and perhaps an occasional splurge of an excursion, and a food budget split between groceries or street food and sit-down…

Best Views in Prague

How to Find 6 of the Absolute Best Views in Prague


Prague is, quite simply, a feast for the eyes–and the best views in Prague were enough to make us stop in our tracks. From the intricate architecture of the buildings to the gorgeous orange rooftops that dot the city, and from the charming views from…