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We Have To Go Back: Our Favorite New Destinations of 2016

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“We have to go back, Kate!” Anyone else remember that line from Lost? During the topsy-turvy ridiculous time travel alternate life shenanigans of later seasons, Jack pleads with Kate that they have to return to the island that they finally escaped from–she is understandably reluctant. Makes sense, but I have to admit that Lost always fueled my wanderlust–the breathtaking backdrop had a lot to do with it, which I fully…

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Slovenia Travel Budget: Is Slovenia Expensive?

Our Slovenia Travel Budget: Is Slovenia Expensive?

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We weren’t quite sure what to expect when it came to planning our Slovenia travel budget: we knew that the Balkan countries would likely be a drop in price from our recent travels in Italy, but also knew Slovenia was one of the more expensive…

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Inside Metelkova: Ljubljana’s Funky Arts District

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I’ve already talked about how much we adored Ljubljana’s funky vibes–and without a doubt, they were strongest in Metelkova. This district of military-barracks-turned-artistic-enclave is covered in works of art that range from fun, exciting and thought provoking to downright bizarre. Jeremy and I had a…

Cost of Travel in Slovenia: Ljubljana Dragon Bridge

Highlights from Ljubljana


Ljubljana took us by surprise. Going in, we had fairly low expectations for Slovenia’s capital city–we knew that it was small, it was supposed to be cute, there was a Dragon Bridge (sounded awesome), and generally a couple of days was considered enough time to…

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8 Stunning Sights in Slovenia


Gorgeous coastline, magnificent mountains, breathtaking valleys, crystal clear rivers and lakes, world class caves–there are a million reasons why Slovenia’s natural beauty captured our hearts. The adorable coastal town of Piran got its own post, and the unexpectedly funky and fun capital of Ljubljana will…

Guide to Visiting Piran: View from Town Walls

Guide to Visiting Peaceful Piran


Why You Should Go: Piran captured our hearts from the beginning. This tiny town is set on the tip of the peninsula that makes up Slovenia’s modest coastline, and it’s the perfect place to relax. We spent a couple of days here asking ourselves the…