25 Beautiful Places to Visit in Slovenia

Slovenia may be a small country, but it is positively packed with beautiful places to visit!

Cities, castles, soaring mountains, picturesque beach towns, idyllic lakes, and even wine country: whatever kind of beauty you prefer, there’s no doubt that you can find the perfect Slovenia travel destination for you.

We’ve divided these places to go in Slovenia into several different categories to make it easy to find spots to your liking, but as you plan your trip, we highly recommend prioritizing visiting a variety of destinations in order to see a wide swath of the most beautiful places in Slovenia.

View of the central square of Piran Slovenia from above--don't miss this view when looking for things to do in Piran!
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Cities + Towns to Visit in Slovenia


Slovenia’s lively, funky capital city is packed full of interesting sights, from the Dragon Bridge to the incredible European street art in Metelkova to Ljubljana Castle that overlooks the city.

If you love visiting offbeat cities in Europe, be sure to start your Slovenia travels with a stay in Ljubljana!

River in Ljubljana with Preseren Square visible in the background. Ljubljana is the first stop on this 7 days in Slovenia itinerary


Surrounded by hills used for growing wine grapes and packed with colorful buildings and interesting history, Slovenia’s second-largest city only gets a fraction of the visitors of Ljubljana–but that’s all the more reason to visit.

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Situated on a tiny peninsula that juts into the Adriatic Sea, Piran is the jewel of Slovenia’s small slice of coastline and is easily among the most beautiful places to visit in Slovenia.

Piran Slovenia as seen from above. Piran is one of the best places to visit in Slovenia


Known as the adventure capital of Slovenia, this small town is nestled in the Soca River Valley and is a fantastic base for exploring the river and all it has to offer.

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The small village of Mojstrana is one of our personal favorite places in Slovenia, but this is due less to the village itself than what lies on its doorstep: unparalleled access to the beauty of Triglav National Park and–if you’re so inclined–Mr. Triglav itself.

View of villages in Slovenia from above, as seen while hiking in Triglav National Park


The bigger, more bustling cousin of Piran, Portoroz is a gorgeous resort town along Slovenia’s Adriatic coastline, and home to historic spa treatments, a beautiful marina, and luxurious resorts.

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Skofja Loka

Easily visited as a day trip from Ljubljana, this fairytale town is located right along the Sora River and overlooked by the picturesque Skofja Loka Castle, which you can tour today.

Cityscape of Skofja Loka from above with castle visible in the background, one of the best places to visit in Slovenia

Gorgeous Slovenian Lakes + Waterfalls

Lake Bled

The most iconic of all these places to visit in Slovenia (and a feature on many Europe bucket lists) definitely lives up to expectations!

Beautiful Lake Bled, complete with Bled Island in the center, is absolutely stunning and a fantastic place to visit.

Be sure to rent a rowboat for an afternoon, visit Bled Castle, and seek out the best Lake Bled viewpoints during your visit!

While summer is the most classic time to visit, the fall foliage is also beautiful, and there is still plenty to enjoy in and around Lake Bled in winter.

Bled Island in the center of Lake Bled in Slovenia, a must-see during a Slovenia road trip itinerary

Savica Falls

Located near Lake Bohinj, the beautiful Savica Falls are only a short walk from the road and are an absolutely unforgettable sight.

Savica Falls in Slovenia, as seen during a Slovenia itinerary

Lake Bohinj

Less manicured than nearby Lake Bled, but every bit as beautiful, gorgeous Lake Bohinj is an unmissable stop in Slovenia–in addition to swimming and other watersports, the areas surrounding the lake are also popular for hikes long and short.

Goldhorn Statue at Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Boka Waterfall

This stunning, multi-step waterfall is surrounded by karst mountains and is incredibly visually striking. To see Boka Waterfall at its best, aim to visit in the springtime when the waterfall is at its most intense.

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Pericnik Falls

As one of the highest waterfalls in Slovenia, Pericnik Falls is absolutely beautiful–and unlike many of Slovenian waterfalls, you can climb up and around it to admire it from all angles.

Pericnik Falls in Slovenia with flowing Soca River in the foreground

More Beautiful Places in Slovenia

Vintgar Gorge

The brilliant, beautiful blue water of Vintgar Gorge paired with its craggy walls and collection of wooden boardwalks you can stroll down make it one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia.

The boardwalks stretch for 1.6 kilometers, and it’s well worth spending the time to enjoy Vintgar Gorge from every angle.

Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia with boardwalks visible on the left side of the photo

Triglav National Park

The crown jewel of Slovenia’s natural beauty lies in Triglav National Park.

The craggy peak of Mt. Triglav itself is a national symbol of Slovenia, and the park includes some of the other best places to visit in Slovenia, including Lake Bohinj, Lake Jasna, many waterfalls, and Vogel, Slovenia’s best-known ski resort (and the mountain it was named after).

Kate Storm and Jeremy Storm looking away from the camera and overlooking the Vrata Valley in Slovenia, as seen during a Slovenia road trip

Postojna Caves

The most popular caves to visit in Slovenia, Postojna Caves are beautiful and enchanting, with soaring ceilings and incredible formations. You can also take a train ride through the caves, an attraction that was first launched in the 19th century!

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Soca River Valley

The bright blue Soca River is arguably one of the most beautiful rivers in the world–and the Soca River Valley that surrounds it is one of the best places to visit in Slovenia, full of outdoor adventure activities and ways to appreciate the river’s beauty, from whitewater rafting to fishing to simply hiking along it.

Kayakers in the Soca River in Slovenia, one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia

Tolmin Gorge

The ice-blue water of the 1-kilometer long Tolmin Gorge is an unforgettable Slovenian destination–if you’re headed to western Slovenia, be sure not to miss it!

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Skocjan Caves

Featuring a mesmerizing underground river that will make you feel like you’re descending into a fantasyland worthy of Tolkein’s Middle Earth and boasting an UNESCO World Heritage designation, the Skocjan Caves are one of the most unique places to see in Slovenia.

Underground river in Skocjan Cave in Slovenia, with a lit walkway visible on the left side of the photo

Logar Valley

Overlooked by the crisp peaks of the Julian Alps and almost overwhelming in its natural beauty, the Logar Valley in Slovenia is one of those places where the air itself simply feels a bit crisper and lovelier, and it is well worth visiting while in Slovenia.

Logar Valley in Slovenia with blue flowers visible in the foreground, peaks of the alpsin the background, and two small houses in the center right of the photo


Often referred to as Slovenia’s Tuscany, Brda is a small but celebrated wine region that is well worth visiting, and is packed full of delicious, award-winning wines, stunning countryside views, and lovely villages.

Village in the Brda Region from above, surrounded by grapevines, one of the best places to visit in Slovenia

Beautiful Castles to Visit in Slovenia

Bled Castle

Nestled high above iconic Lake Bled, Bled Castle is one of the most popular places to visit in Slovenia–in large part due to the absolutely phenomenal aerial views of Lake Bled and Bled Island that you can soak in from the castle and its grounds.

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Predjama Castle

Of all these beautiful places to see in Slovenia, Predjama Castle may just have the most unique setting: this Renaissance-era castle, built in the 1500s on the site of previous castles that had been destroyed, is built directly into the mouth of a cave!

Predjama Castle in Slovenia, situated at the mouth of a cave, one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia

Rihemberk Castle

With a turret dating to the 13th century that is every bit the fairytale image of a castle and an impeccable location on a high hill above the village of Branik, Rihemberk Castle (also known as Branik Castle) is a fantastic place to visit in Slovenia.

Ljubljana Castle

Standing tall above the city of Ljubljana for the last 900 years, Ljubljana Castle is one of the most popular castles to visit in Slovenia today and is accessed by a funicular that will ferry modern visitors to the top of the hill it rests on.

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Zovnek Castle

First mentioned in records in the 12th century, Zovnek Castle (or more accurately these days, its ruins) is one of the oldest castles in Slovenia and is accessed by a short hike from the road.

If you’re looking for an offbeat and beautiful spot to add to your list of the best places to visit in Slovenia, consider checking out Zovnek Castle!

Map of the Best Places to Visit in Slovenia

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