Travel Stories of 2017: Our Year in 9 Vignettes

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We have had epic travel months, weeks, and days this year–but as always, it’s the moments that truly stand out. Last year, we shared several vignettes about our most memorable travel moments, varying from the electrifying to the embarrassing to the seemingly mundane. Read Next: Travel Stories of 2016: Our Year in 10 Vignettes This year, we are excited the continue the tradition. After writing this post, I immediately noticed…

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Travel Budget for Honduras

Show Me The Money: Travel Budget for Honduras

Honduras Money

We knew that our travel budget for Honduras was going to be higher than in other Central American countries due to our love of scuba diving–but I have to say that the numbers were still a little higher than we hoped for! With seven dives,…

Things to do in Nicaragua

Travel Lifestyle: Month 11 Review

Honduras Nicaragua Our Journey

You’re probably going to see me write some variation of this sentence at least 10 times over the next month, but really: how are we closing in on a year of full-time travel?! Granted, we did take a break with family back in Oklahoma for…

Ultimate Packing List for Mexico and Central America

Macaw Mountain: Our Favorite Experience in Copan, Honduras


If you’ve heard one thing about Copan, Honduras, you’ve heard about its ruins. The Copan Ruins are set in the jungle in northern Honduras, far from any coastline. They’re known for being beautiful, for having some of the most interesting carvings of any ruins in…

Antigua, Guatemala

Travel Lifestyle: Month 10 Review

Guatemala Honduras Our Journey

If our ninth month of full-time travel was characterized by fast-paced movement, our tenth has been all about slowing down: we both started and ended the month at destinations worth savoring, and it feels fantastic! Where We’ve Been: Lake Atitlan & Antigua, Guatemala Copan, La…