Travel Stories of 2017: Our Year in 9 Vignettes

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We have had epic travel months, weeks, and days this year–but as always, it’s the moments that truly stand out. Last year, we shared several vignettes about our most memorable travel moments, varying from the electrifying to the embarrassing to the seemingly mundane. Read Next: Travel Stories of 2016: Our Year in 10 Vignettes This year, we are excited the continue the tradition. After writing this post, I immediately noticed…

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Two Weeks in Guatemala

The Ultimate Itinerary for Two Weeks in Guatemala


Gorgeous volcanos, colorful cities, Mayan ruins, crystal clear swimming holes, dirt cheap prices, and adventure around every corner–if that sounds like your kind of vacation destination, it’s time to consider Guatemala. Set just south of Mexico and west of Belize, Guatemala packs an endless amount…

Travel Budget for Guatemala

Guatemala Travel Budget: What Did Our Trip Cost?

Guatemala Money

Our Guatemala trip was not only tons of fun, it also ended up having a very reasonable price tag: our Guatemala travel budget reflects the lowest cost per day of anywhere we have been since starting to travel full-time! Though we did do several things…

Tips for a Volcano Acatenango Hike

Tips for Hiking Volcano Acatenango in Guatemala


Our experience hiking Volcano Acatenango definitely had its shares of highs and lows–but by the end of our two day/one night excursion, one thing became abundantly clear: there was lots of important information regarding hiking Volcano Acatenango that either we or some of our group…