14 Cool Savannah Coffee Shops for Caffeine Lovers

There are so many reasons that Savannah, GA is one of my favorite cities in the USA: its beauty, walkability, and incredible food scene are all big reasons… and so is the enormous collection of Savannah coffee shops to visit.

Looking for a laptop friendly workspace? There are plenty of options. A quick grab-and-go espresso? Easily done. Fantastic lattes served alongside the perfect brunch? Check.

Researching this blog post was simultaneously incredibly fun and incredibly energizing–the amount of coffee I drank in the process was arguably a bit excessive, but, no regrets.

Here are the best coffee shops in Savannah to check out on your next trip!

Spiced lavender mocha in a green mug being held up in front of a Savannah trolley. Coffee is from The Collins Quarter, one of the best Savannah photography locations
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Gallery Espresso

Address: 234 Bull Street

Arguably the ultimate Savannah coffee shop, Gallery Espresso has it all: an extensive menu, a cozy mix of furniture to enjoy inside, outdoor tables, plenty of room to plug in a laptop and work, and local art displayed on the walls.

It also happens to be located along one of the prettiest streets in Savannah at the corner of one of its most beloved squares (Chippewa Square, AKA the Forrest Gump square).

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Oh, and they also serve delicious baked goods (I’m partial to the chocolate ganache cake and carrot cake, though fair warning, both are incredibly rich).

Hoping to enjoy the atmosphere beyond the morning hours?

Consider coming back in the evening to enjoy a glass of wine.

Exterior of Gallery Espresso, one of the best coffeeshops in Savannah Georgia

Mirabelle Savannah

Address: 313 Abercorn Street

Elegant and charming, Mirabelle Savannah serves up delicious coffee and decadent waffles.

There is some seating available inside, but the small tables out front that overlook the Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist are the better place to enjoy the brew if you ask me.

Or, even better, stroll a couple of steps down the road to Lafayette Square.

colorful blue cup that says "mirabelle" being held outside of mirabelle cafe, one of the best savannah coffee shops

Vic’s Coffee Bar

Address: 15 E River Street

Looking for a jolt of caffeine when on River Street?

Step inside Vic’s Coffee Bar–part of Vic’s on the River, one of the most beloved restaurants in Savannah–to enjoy their Italian-style coffee bar.

Coffee, alcohol, and desserts are all on the menu.

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The Paris Market & Brocante Cafe

Address: 36 W Broughton Street

From Italian-inspired to French-inspired: The Paris Market & Brocante is one of the most delightful boutiques on fashionable Broughton Street… and it includes a cafe!

Once you finish browsing the eclectic and beautiful selection in the market (don’t forget the basement!), head over to the elegant Parisian-style cafe for a coffee and a macaron (or two).

In addition to excellent coffee and treats, the space itself is simply gorgeous–Architectural Digest called it “the most beautiful coffee shop in Georgia” for a reason.

Interior of the basement of the Paris Market on Broughton Street in Savannah GA

Savannah Coffee Roasters

Address: 215 W Liberty Street

A local favorite, Savannah Coffee Roasters has been roasting their own beans since 1909, and they are an absolute staple in the city.

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In addition to excellent coffee, this Savannah coffee shop also has plenty of space to spread out inside and out–feel free to bring your laptop and get some work done.

They also serve a full menu each day, including breakfast options, baked goods, sandwiches, and salads.

cup from savannah coffee roasters, one of the best coffee shops savannah ga, being held up in front of yellow building

Mate Factor

Address: 401 E Hall Street

This absolutely beautiful tea and coffee shop in Savannah focuses primarily on–what else–mate, but also serves up wonderful coffee and baked goods in a charming, wood-coated setting.

Mate Factor is a bit out of the way for most visitors to Savannah (and the prices reflect that).

You likely won’t find it unless you set out looking for it intentionally, but at under a 10-minute walk from Forsyth Park, visitors hoping to find a more offbeat Savannah cafe will love it.

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Art’s Cafe

Address: 345 Bull Street

Walk into Art’s Cafe, and you’ll immediately see what makes this one of the most unique coffee shops in Savannah: there’s a double-decker bus inside! Since Art’s is owned by the Savannah College of Art and Design, whimsy is hardly a surprise, but the bus is definitely eye-catching.

You can even sit on the top deck of the bus, if you’re so inclined–but if there’s not room, there’s plenty of seating both inside and out as well.

The coffee is solid, the prices reasonable, and you can grab sandwiches, smoothies, and acai bowls here as well.

red double decker bus inside art's cafe, one of the best coffee shops savannah georgia


Address: 5 W Liberty Street

One of my personal favorite coffee shops in Savannah, Franklin’s has both some of the best espresso and some of the friendliest baristas in town!

Add in absolutely gorgeous decor, a great selection of food, and a transition into a wine bar in the evenings (Franklin’s stays open until 9:30 PM on weekdays, 10:00 PM on weekends–exceptionally late for a Savannah coffee shop), and you have a delightful addition to any trip to Savannah.

There is some limited seating indoors, as well as small outdoor tables, but this is less a place to work than a place to linger over a delicious drink.

interior of franklins in savannah with barstools in the foregound and outdoor tables visible outside the window

The Sentient Bean

Address: 13 E Park Avenue

Located just across the street from the south edge of Forsyth Park, The Sentient Bean serves up fair-trade coffee and vegetarian food, with a huge focus on sustainability.

In addition to excellent coffee, food, and a fantastic location, I have to say that The Sentient Bean also has one of the best coffee shop names I’ve ever seen.

the sentient bean coffee shop savannah as seen from across the street

Foxy Loxy Cafe + The Coffee Fox

Address: 1919 Bull Street / 102 W Broughton Street

How’s this for an unexpected combination: Savannah coffee shop, bakery, and… TexMex cantina.

Sound odd? Well, at the delightful Foxy Loxy Cafe, it absolutely works: be sure to try the horchata latte (so good!) or the Mexican mocha while you’re there to stay on-theme with your coffee.

The Foxy Loxy Cafe is a bit out of the way for visitors exploring Savannah’s historic district on foot, though, so if you can’t make it down there, be sure to stop by their conveniently located sister location, The Coffee Fox, on Broughton Street.

(P.S. — The popular vegan cafe in Savannah, Fox & Fig Cafe, is also associated with them!).

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Origin Coffee Bar

Address: 356 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

Spacious and modern with complex, delicious coffee drinks: what more could you ask for when taking a break in Savannah?

In addition to serving up elegant coffee, Origin Coffee Bar is also a great place to work or study for an afternoon.

milk being poured into a latte by a barista

The Collins Quarter

Address: 151 Bull Street

No guide to the best coffee shops in Savannah could possibly leave off The Collins Quarter!

Much has been written (some of it by me) about the absolute delight that is their spiced lavender mocha latte–I don’t consider a weekend in Savannah truly kicked off until I have my first one.

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That being said, their Madagascar vanilla latte is also one of the best coffees I’ve had anywhere in the world.

I’ve listed the address for their first location here, but their secondary location inside Forsyth Park is also an excellent place to enjoy a latte.

spiced lavender mocha latte from the collins quarter as seen from above on a wood table

Cup to Cup Cafe

Address: 140 Abercorn Street

As the cafe location of Savannah’s own Cup to Cup Coffee Roasters that supplies many coffee shops in Savannah and beyond, you can count on Cup to Cup Cafe for a delicious cup of coffee.

The cafe itself is laid-back and unpretentious, and the pastries good-not-amazing–but for an excellent drink made with care, add this Savannah coffee shop to your list!

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photo of gallery espresso on top and mirabelle coffee on the bottom, black and red text on a white background in the center reads "savannah coffee shop guide"
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  2. I’m totally surprised Biddy and Beau’s Coffee didn’t make this list!!!! The coffees are amazing and the atmosphere is truly inspiring!! They get my #1 vote!!

    • You know, I left it off because they have locations outside of GA and we didn’t make it there personally, but you’re the second person to mention it! We’ll have to add it to our list for our next trip (which, as usual, is hopefully not too far off!). 🙂

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