How to Travel from Florence to Cinque Terre (By Train, Car, or Tour)

Traveling from Florence to Cinque Terre is one of those journeys that pops up on a huge number of vacations in Italy: who wouldn’t want to see both the Cradle of the Renaissance and the colorful Ligurian fishing villages of Cinque Terre on a single trip?

Plus, there’s also the fact that Florence and Cinque Terre look so temptingly close to each other on a map–but there’s a bit more to the journey than meets the eye.

Planning to travel from Florence to Cinque Terre?

We’ve traveled around the region extensively, visiting both destinations many times. Here’s what you need to know before you go.

View of Riomaggiore at Sunset, Cinque Terre in One Day

Our #1 Tip: Don’t take this day trip by public transport.

We’ll cover this in more detail below, but as it’s one of the most common questions about traveling between Florence and Cinque Terre, we’ll address it right up front: we don’t believe that taking a day trip between these two spots is a great idea.


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Because the journey takes an average of 3 hours–you can get it down to 2.5 if you time your transitions perfectly or are able to hit the direct train in both directions (and it doesn’t run late)but 3 is much more common, with 4 being far from unheard of.

You do have the option of driving yourself, and that will give you far more flexibility than taking the train, but be prepared to park your car in the garage at La Spezia’s train station and hop the train to get into Cinque Terre proper from there.

Now, I’m not saying it’s impossible–just that there are a thousand other, arguably better, ways to spend one of your precious days in Italy.

The Perfect One Day in Cinque Terre Itinerary

Ideally, we recommend booking a tour like this if you want to take a day trip to Cinque Terre from Florence.

That way, you’ll have the benefit of a driver who knows the way, you won’t have to pay for (potentially pricey) car rental fees, parking, or gas, and your itinerary will be in the hands of an expert.

More on that below–but keep it in mind.

Woman facing away from camera on Manarola Promenade, One Day in Cinque Terre Itinerary

Florence to Cinque Terre By Train

To take the train from Florence to Cinque Terre, you’ll first need to travel from the Firenze Santa Maria Novella station to La Spezia Centrale. This will frequently involve changing trains, most commonly in Pisa.

If you keep an eye out for it, there is also a direct train between the two places, which takes about 2.5 hours and runs every couple of hours. If you hope the hit this going both directions, be sure to plan carefully ahead of time!

View of Vernazza Harbor from Above: One Day in Cinque Terre Itinerary

Keep in mind, of course, that once you get to La Spezia, your journey isn’t over: from there, you’ll need to switch trains and head to Cinque Terre itself.

The closest village to La Spezia Centrale is Riomaggiore, which is about 10 minutes by train. The furthest village is Monterosso al Mare, which is about 25 minutes away.

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This option is best for…

… people who intend to spend at least one night in Cinque Terre.

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Train leaving the station in Cinque Terre

Florence to Cinque Terre By Car

With ideal conditions, driving from Florence to Cinque Terre takes about 2.5 hours.

However, we actually don’t recommend taking your car all the way to Cinque Terre. 

Instead, if you’re driving from Florence to Cinque Terre for a day trip, we recommend parking your car at the garage next to La Spezia Centrale and hopping the train (see distances in the train section above) to your village of choice after.

Florence to La Spezia Centrale is still a 2-hour drive with ideal conditions, though, so keep that in mind.

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What are ideal conditions? 

You don’t hit traffic, you don’t get lost, you don’t have to make any stops, and you don’t drive more slowly when heading home after dark.

Unfortunately, those conditions–especially the traffic–are not all entirely likely to be met, especially going both directions. We’ve personally hit bad traffic driving to and from La Spezia more than once.

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If you’re traveling from Florence to Cinque Terre and you’re planning on spending the night in the villages (or adjoining La Spezia or Levanto), we recommend not renting a car at all and simply taking the train instead.

If you are spending the night and wish to book a car, we recommend searching for cars via Discover Cars to find the rental option with the best combination of price, good reviews, and fair terms.

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This option is best for…

… people who are hoping to take a day trip to Cinque Terre from Florence but don’t want to book a tour.

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Florence to Cinque Terre By Tour

Ultimately, we fully believe that if you’re traveling from Florence to Cinque Terre for a day trip, a tour is your best option.

It’s far less hassle than taking the train, far less of a headache than driving yourself, and comes with excellent benefits like a guide who will make sure you see the best of the villages on a very tight schedule.

Photo of Vernazza from above--an essential viewpoint to find after traveling from Florence to Cinque Terre!

Cinque Terre is best seen on an overnight visit–even one full day in the villages (without 5+ hours of travel time as a day trip from Florence inevitably entails) is a better experience and absolutely does not require a tour–but when you’re all the way in Italy and carefully counting your days in the country, we understand that time is at an absolute premium.

If you have your heart set on taking a day trip to Cinque Terre from Florence, a tour like this popular one is your best bet for getting there and back.

Book your day trip to Cinque Terre from Florence today!

This option is best for…

… people who have a tight schedule and want to take a day trip from Florence to Cinque Terre.

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    • I would say it depends on the four-year-old! Generally, though, I’d imagine an overnight trip to Cinque Terre is easier with kids than a day trip–less pressure to move quickly and fewer crowds to deal with that way.

  1. How many days/nights would you suggest staying in this area? We would like to stay in Monterosso, but do you have any suggestions on which town you enjoyed the most? Thank you!

    • On average, I’d say two full days (not including the day you travel to Cinque Terre or the day you leave) is long enough to get a good overview without being rushed.

      Our personal favorite village is Vernazza, in large part due to the amazing views on either side of the town, but we adore them all and they all have their benefits!

  2. Hello,

    I’m planning a trip to Florence/Cinque next year (assuming everything is open for Americans by then, right now it’s not). But is there a particular time in the year where it’s less crowded with tourists? When would you suggest would be the best time to travel to avoid hi cost and crowds? We’re also going to Spain btw. Thanks!

    • Hi Adrian! In Cinque Terre, winter is absolutely the best time for avoiding tourists and staying on a budget, though of course it will be closed and some attractions will be closed. Early spring/late fall would give you slightly better weather, but you still won’t want to swim!


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