How to Take a Day Trip to Delft From Amsterdam (+ Things to Do!)

If you’re looking to leave Amsterdam behind for a day to appreciate a smaller and quieter, but no less beautiful, Dutch city, consider hopping on a train to take a day trip to Delft from Amsterdam!

While Amsterdam is by far the most famous city to visit in the Netherlands, it is far from the only place in the country where you can wander amongst canals while admiring architecture dating to the Dutch Golden Age–and a Delft day trip is the perfect opportunity to enjoy both of those things.

As the home of the iconic (and aptly named) blue-and-white Delftware that is so heavily associated with the Netherlands, as well as the home of the famous Dutch painter Vermeer, Delft is a beautiful, bite-sized Dutch city that offers a fair number of attractions and an outsized number of photogenic angles.

While you can certainly enjoy a longer trip to Delft (my friends and I based ourselves in the city for a few days on my most recent trip to the Netherlands), one day in Delft is long enough to explore several of the best things to do in the city, while still leaving some time for soaking in the ambiance.

Here’s everything you need to know to plan a day trip to Delft from Amsterdam!

view of delft kerk tower from across a canal
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How to Travel From Amsterdam to Delft, the Netherlands

By far the easiest way to travel between Delft and Amsterdam is by taking the train.

The Netherlands is famous for its incredible public transportation system, and the Amsterdam-Delft route is no exception!

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Dozens of trains run between the two cities each day, and the journey takes about an hour.

Many of the trains are direct, though some require a simple change in Leiden or Rotterdam.

glass exterior of train station in delft the netherlands
The Delft train station is extremely modern–a large contrast from the architecture of the historic center!

Both the Amsterdam Centraal train station and the Delft train station are located within an easy walk of the city’s respective historic centers.

While there’s no need to book your ticket in advance for this route, you can familiarize yourself with the train schedule and prices through Omio (and if you’re more comfortable booking tickets ahead of time, you can do that, too).

Check train ticket prices between Amsterdam and Delft today!

interior of delft train station with directional signs hanging from the ceiling
The train system in the Netherlands is extremely well-marked and easy to use!

The Best Things to Do on a Delft Day Trip

Soak in views of Delft from the top of the Nieuwe Kerk.

Delft’s Nieuwe Kerk (New Church, though that name is a bit relative considering construction started on the building in 1383) is easily home to the absolute best view of the city, and climbing its tower is one of the top things to do with one day in Delft.

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It’s a whopping 376 narrow steps to the top, but if you’re not sure you want to climb that high, there’s also a good stopping point about 2/3 of the way up that also boasts an incredible view.

The Nieuwe Kerk overlooks the Markt, and odds are you’ve seen more than a few photos taken from the top of the tower when planning your day trip to Delft!

Don’t forget to walk through the church interior, either: the Nieuwe Kerk is famously home to The Netherlands’ royal crypt, and while most of it is closed to the public, the dramatic monument to William the Silent can be visited and is well worth seeing in person.

kate storm taking a selfie from the delft nieuwe kerk tower with the markt visible in the background, one of the best things to do in delft

Pay a visit to the Oude Kerk.

While the Nieuwe Kerk is Delft’s biggest showstopper of a church, the Oude Kerk (Old Church) isn’t far behind!

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Featuring soaring ceilings and Gothic details, the Oude Kerk is the home of the grave of Vermeer, Delft’s most famous son.

Be sure to spend plenty of time admiring the church from the outside, too–the further away you get, the better you’ll be able to appreciate the fairly dramatic lean of the tower.

interior of old kerk, as seen one day in delft day trip from amsterdam

Meander through Delft’s peaceful canals (and possibly take a canal cruise).

Like many small cities in Europe, one of the best things to do in Delft (even on a day trip!) is to spend some time wandering fairly aimlessly among the city’s canals and through the historic center.

If you want a couple of specific destinations to consider, you might consider paying a visit to the Windmill de Roos (there’s a cafe at the bottom and you can generally climb to the top for a view), and on the other side of the historic center, the photogenic Oosport gate.

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If you’d like to appreciate Delft’s architecture from a bit of a different angle (or just want to get off your feet and explore at the same time), you can also consider hopping on a canal cruise as part of your day trip to Delft, always a reliable and fun option in one of Europe’s idyllic canal cities.

This popular canal cruise is a great way to mix up your sightseeing.

Book your Delft canal cruise today!

view of a canal in delft netherlands with a boat in the center and a view of the old kerk leaning tower in the distance

Enjoy the Markt.

Situated at the base of the Nieuwe Kerk, Delft’s Markt is its main town square and an excellent place for browsing and people-watching.

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You’ll also find a small Royal Delft shop here, so if you don’t make it out to the Royal Delft factory as part of your day trip from Amsterdam to Delft, you’ll still have a chance to browse some of the brand’s iconic Delftware (also known as Delft Blue).

When it comes to restaurants, like most cities, the options here in the dead center of the city lean toward pricey and fairly basic, but on a beautiful weather day, it still may be worth relaxing at a table with a coffee while you watch the world go by!

view of delft city hall in the markt from above

Browse the Delft Flea Market (if you’re lucky).

If your day trip to Delft happens to take place on a Thursday or Saturday from April through October, you’ll be lucky enough to enjoy the Delft Flea Market that pops up along the canals!

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We loved perusing the trinkets here, and I walked away with a couple of ceramic pieces–both featuring plenty of Delft Blue, of course.

Because the market hugs the sides of the canals instead of being condensed into a square, it allows you to browse as you make your way through the city, too.

delftware and other netherlands souvenirs for sale on a table at the delft flea market
The small blue and white tray second from the bottom on the left side of this photo now lives on one of my bookshelves!

Sample jenever at Bierhaus De Klomp.

The local liquor of Holland (and Belgium), jenever is a clear, distilled spirit that contains juniper.

It’s very strong and quite distinct, and if you’d like to try some, there’s no better place in Delft to do so than the atmospheric Bierhaus De Klomp!

The oldest bar in Delft (the bar itself dates to 1652, though the building dates to the 1500s), Bierhaus De Klomp offers a cozy interior decorated with lots of Delftware, dark wood, and low lighting.

My friends ordered a flight of jenever to share, which was a fun way to try several varieties of this local spirit!

jenever flight inside bierhaus de klomp delft the netherlands

Consider the pros and cons of visiting Royal Delft.

Visiting Royal Delft–the last remaining traditional Delft Blue factory from the Dutch Golden Age–is easily one of the most popular things to do in Delft.

Here, you can watch craftsmen create the iconic Delftware, learn about the history of the product, admire both antique and modern pieces, enjoy lunch or a snack, and of course, shop!

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For Delft Blue fans (and I’m a big one!), it’s easy to see the draw–but when it comes to visiting Royal Delft as part of your one day visit to the city, there are some pros and cons.

Royal Delft is located a 15-20 minute walk outside the historic center, and between visiting the factory and getting to and from it, it will eat up a large portion of your day.

Personally, we wouldn’t choose to prioritize visiting with only one day in Delft, but it’s easy to see why some people do!

Shop tickets to visit Royal Delft today!

display of several pieces of traditional blue and white delftware, including a traditional tulip vase

Shop for a Delftware souvenir (or two).

When it comes to the perfect souvenir from Delft, you can’t go wrong with picking up a piece of Delft Blue.

Whether this is an inexpensive modern trinket, a full set of dishes, an intricate antique, or anything in between, there are options available in all price points and sizes when it comes to seeking out your own piece of this most iconic and tangible piece of Delft’s culture.

collection of blue and white ceramic souvenirs from the netherlands for sale in delft, along with figures of tulips

A Quick One Day in Delft Itinerary

Wondering where to start when it comes to planning your one day Delft itinerary?

Here’s what we suggest!

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After arriving at the Delft train station, head east into the city until you hit Koornmarkt.

From there, turn left and meander along the canals until you hit the Oude Kerk (if the Delft Flea Market is going on, you’ll want to stop and shop as you approach!).

delft flea market stalls set up underneath oude kerk with people browsing through them, a fun activity during a day trip to delft from amsterdam

After visiting, meander through the historic center–perhaps visiting the Windmill de Roos followed by the Oosport, and/or taking a canal cruise

Once you stop for lunch, you’ll be ready to head to the Nieuwe Kerk for a strenuous climb followed by some time spent enjoying the Markt.

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As you slowly make your way back to the train station, stop at Bierhaus de Klomp before saying goodbye to Delft and heading back to Amsterdam for dinner.

Alternatively, make a longer day of it by heading over to Royal Delft before making your way back to Amsterdam!

kate storm selfie taken along a canal when visiting delft from amsterdam

What to Do in Delft When it Rains

While many of the typical best things to do in Delft include being outside, rain is a regular fact of life in the Netherlands, so your trip planning should consider it, too!

While grabbing a travel umbrella and making the most of exploring despite the weather is generally an excellent plan, an all-day deluge may mean that you want to consider an indoor attraction or two, too.

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If the forecast is less than cooperative during your one day in Delft, a visit to Royal Delft may jump further up on your list of things to do.

Similarly, I didn’t include the Vermeer Center in my suggestions here, partially because of time constraints and partially because it doesn’t house any of Vermeer’s original works (it includes reproductions of all his paintings and is primarily a museum exploring his life and techniques).

On a rainy day in Delft, though, a museum exploring the famous artist is a great way to get to know Delft while also staying dry.

people walking through a small street on a rainy day in delft

Want to extend your trip to Delft?

Not satisfied with visiting Delft for a day, and want to extend your trip for a night or beyond?

There are plenty of reasons to do so, starting with the fact that hotel rates are much more affordable here than in Amsterdam (true for most places in the Netherlands, really).

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If you would like to stick around Delft for a night, I can heartily recommend Hotel Royal Bridges, where my friends and I stayed in a beautiful (and gigantic) canal-facing room just steps from the best things to do in Delft.

Located on a quiet street that is nonetheless incredibly convenient for exploring on foot (my favorite combination of traits in a hotel location), we loved our stay and would be happy to check in again.

Check rates & book your stay at Hotel Royal Bridges today!

view of spring trees and traditional dutch houses from a hotel room in delft
Part of the view from our room at Hotel Royal Bridges.

FAQ For Visiting Delft From Amsterdam

What’s the best way to get around when visiting Delft for a day?

Delft is extremely simple to navigate on foot, and for most travelers, their own two feet will be their best transportation option throughout the day.

If you’d like to rest your feet for a bit throughout the day, though, a canal cruise is a great option.

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Is Delft a good day trip from Amsterdam?

Yes, Delft is one of the best day trips from Amsterdam!

Delft is easy to access, easy to navigate, and a beautiful, peaceful escape from busy and bustling Amsterdam.

And, for Delftware fans like me, it’s safe to say that the shopping temptations abound, too.

tower of delft nieuwe kerk as seen when looking up on a sunny day, a tree with pink flowers is in the foreground

Is there a direct train from Amsterdam to Delft?

Yes, there are several direct trains from Amsterdam to Delft each day!

However, if you’re willing to change trains (most likely in Leiden or Rotterdam), you’ll have many more travel options–and regardless of whether you make a change or not, the journey tends to take about an hour.

You can check train schedules and ticket prices here.

view of a canal lined with trees in delft day trip

Is it worth spending one day in Delft?

Yes, taking a one day trip to Delft is definitely worth your time!

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While you’ll be able to cover the city in more detail with a few days there (my friends and I based ourselves in Delft for a couple of nights on my most recent trip to the Netherlands), ultimately, Delft is a small city that is easy to navigate and is appealing as much for ambiance as it is for sightseeing.

With one day in Delft, you’ll be able to enjoy a good portion of the best things to do in Delft, wander along the canals, enjoy a meal or two, and enjoy a stress-free train trip back to Amsterdam.

view of a bike parked outside a small shop as seen in the historic center of a delft, a fun place to explore on a day trip to delft from amsterdam

Should you book a tour to visit Delft from Amsterdam?

It’s definitely not necessary to take an organized day trip to Delft from Amsterdam!

Generally speaking, organized day trips are most advantageous when transportation is cumbersome, and traveling from Amsterdam to Delft (and back) couldn’t be simpler.

However, if you like the idea of seeing multiple Dutch cities in one day and want to ensure you make the absolute most of your time, this popular day trip to Delft, the Hague, and Rotterdam gets excellent reviews.

4 photos of things to do in delft, old kerk canals flea market, black and pink text reads "how to enjoy one day in delft"
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