3 Days in Budapest Itinerary: View from Citadel

21 Offbeat & Affordable European Getaways

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Among frequent travelers, Europe has developed a bit of a reputation for being amazing, but expensive. True, you’re not going to find prices comparable to Laos or Guatemala here, but with roughly 50 countries, Europe is absolutely home to hidden (and not-so-hidden) gems that you can enjoy for prices far less than the famously high costs of London or Stockholm. To help inspire everyone (including ourselves!) to think outside the…

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Travel Budget for Madrid, Spain

Show Me The Money: Travel Budget for Madrid, Spain

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I’ve gone back and forth with sharing this and similar posts: on one hand, I love budgets and budgeting, and love the excuse to talk/type about it. On the other hand, I can’t guarantee that we’re always going to want to share every penny we…

Long Travel Days

People Watching at San Isidro’s Feast Day


Accidentally stumbling upon events can often be the best part of traveling. On May 15, Jeremy and I started our day as planned with a visit to El Rastro–but as we wandered toward Plaza Mayor on our way to Mercado San Miguel, we quickly noticed…

Madrid, Spain

Highlights from Madrid


I have a confession to make: I did not expect to fall in love with Madrid. While I knew it must be awesome in its way, the main reasons we ended up here were a combination of 1) it was a logical stop when trying…

Day Trip to Toledo, Spain from Madrid

Toledo Day Trip: One Day in Toledo


Why You Should Spend One Day in Toledo: Toledo is everything that American kids thought that visiting Europe would be, back in elementary school when we first discovered the history of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. With a giant castle dating back to the 16th…