Honeymoon in Paris: How to Plan Your Dream Trip

A honeymoon in Paris: it’s hard to imagine anything more romantic than that!

The City of Lights has been tempting lovers from around the globe for centuries, and you absolutely can’t go wrong by starting your marriage off with a honeymoon in Paris.

Our Paris honeymoon guide is designed to lead you all of the coziest spots and most romantic places in Paris, as well as ensure that the logistics take up as little effort as possible (after all, you’re busy enough planning a wedding–who wants to worry about a honeymoon as well?).

Here’s how to plan a honeymoon in Paris that will be at least as magical as your wedding day.

3 Days in Paris Itinerary: Sacre Coeur
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What to Do on Your Honeymoon in Paris

Watch the sunset (or the sunrise) at the Eiffel Tower.

The Trocadero Gardens, with their impressive view of the Eiffel Tower, are the first stop for many lovers on their trip to Paris–and there’s a good reason for that!

Sunset lovers will get to see the tower twinkle once the lights go down, and early birds willing to rise with the sun will get to enjoy the romantic setting of having the view (almost) all to themselves.

Want to splurge on an even more luxurious Eiffel Tower view? There are plenty of amazing hotels with Eiffel Tower views in Paris that are a perfect backdrop for a romantic night.

Paris in August: Eiffel Tower

Take in amazing views over Paris.

A honeymoon in Paris can’t be considered complete without exchanging a smooch while visiting at least one of Paris’ most iconic viewpoints!

Our personal favorite views of Paris are from the top of Notre Dame (having the gargoyles in the foreground is spectacular) and the Arc de Triomphe. We also hear good things about the view from Montparnasse Tower, which has the distinct advantage of ensuring you don’t actually have the hideous Montparnasse Tower in any of your shots.

55 Most Instagrammable Places in Paris: Epic Paris Photo Spots

Other popular viewpoints over Paris include Sacre-Coeur, the rooftop of the Galeries Lafayette (which is free to visit!), and of course the Eiffel Tower (but we don’t quite understand this one–don’t you want the Eiffel Tower in your photos?).

Skip the giant lines and book your tickets for the Arc de Triomphe today!

3 Days in Paris Itinerary: View from Notre Dame

Stroll along the banks of the Seine.

Peruse les bouquinistes (the pop-up bookshops). Admire the river. Cross the stunning Alexander III bridge. Check out Il de la Cite from across the river. Go find the Louvre.

A walk along the Seine is an endlessly entertaining and always romantic option for a way to spend some time in Paris, so be sure to make room for at least one stroll on your Paris honeymoon!

If you’re looking for a good place to start, the walk from the Louvre to Notre Dame takes less than half an hour, is lovely, and hugs the Seine most of the way.

Second Trip to Paris: Books on Banks of the Seine

Admire beautiful houses of worship.

Paris is home to some absolutely stunning churches, so be sure to visit a few during your honeymoon in Paris!

Notre Dame is, of course, the most popular, with Sainte-Chapelle coming in a close second (and it has the far better interior in my opinion).

17 Best Day Trips from Paris, France (+ How to Get There!)

Sacre-Coeur is also lovely, dominating the hill of Montmartre.

For fans of the movie Midnight in Paris, you can find St. Etienne du Mont, the church where Owen Wilson got picked up for his time-traveling escapades, in the 5th arrondissement.

One Day in Paris: Notre Dame Cathedral

Spend a day escaping to Versailles.

As one of the most opulent and famous palaces in the world–not to mention the location of plenty of sordid betrayals and gritty revolutionary acts–it’s no surprise that Versailles is the most popular day trip from Paris.

But Versailles isn’t just a house museum, it’s a bit of a historical playground!

On your Paris honeymoon, consider rowing a boat together in the Grand Canal, getting lost in the maze of the gardens, or relaxing for an afternoon at the (comparatively) quiet retreat of the Queen’s Hamlet–and of course, don’t forget to skip the gigantic and entirely unromantic line by booking your tickets before you go!

Book your skip-the-line tickets to Versailles today!

Visiting Versailles: Hall of Mirrors

Take in a classic movie.

Paris is dotted with classic, opulently decorated movie theatres–and many of them show classic movies in their original language!

Consider taking a step back in time and cozying up for a movie the old fashioned way: Le Grand Rex, Le Studio 28, and Cinema du Pantheon are all great spots to add to your honeymoon in Paris plans.

Visiting Versailles from Paris: The Complete Guide

Spend an afternoon baking French pastries together.

French pastries are an absolute delight–and what better way to add a little teamwork to your Paris honeymoon than learning to bake, say, France’s famously finicky macarons together?

We adored our time learning to bake macarons with Le Foodist (and the all-out macaron binge that we had for the following several days with the leftovers).

For couples with less of a sweet tooth, baking croissants is also a delightful option.

Book your macaron baking class with Le Foodist!

Or, if you and your spouse don’t have much of a sweet tooth, bake croissants instead!

Paris Honeymoon: Baking Macarons in Paris with Le Foodist

Walk hand-in-hand through some of the world’s most impressive art museums.

While the Louvre and the Musee d’Orsay are absolutely magnificent and worth visiting, for an art-loving couple on a Paris honeymoon, they’re just the beginning.

If you and your beloved happen to be art buffs, consider also exploring the Orangerie (impressionist works), Musee Rodin (sculpture), Petit Palais (a large, varied collection that is free to visit), and Centre Pompidou (modern art).

Without a doubt, Paris is home to some of the best museums in Europe, so no matter what your taste in art is, there’s a museum for you!

Save time on your Paris honeymoon & purchase skip-the-line tickets for the Louvre!

If you’d like to add more context to your visit, this 2-hour guided tour is highly recommended.

Paris Honeymoon: Tour the Louvre

Enjoy a multi-course Parisian meal.

From the most exquisite Michelin Star meals to more affordable Parisian favorites like Bouillon Chartier in the 9th, Paris is bursting with exquisite food.

At least once on your honeymoon in Paris, be sure to settle in for a multi-hour, multi-course meal that will leave you infatuated with French food, French wine, and of course, as always, your new spouse.

Options can be found for just about any budget, but if you have your heart set on splurging on an upscale Michelin experience, be sure to schedule reservations far in advance and to pack clothes appropriate for the venue!

One Day in Paris: Macarons

Have a picnic in the Luxembourg Gardens.

There are a thousand beautiful places in Paris for a picnic–but the Luxembourg Gardens, with their gorgeous palace, beautiful fountains, and lovely spots to pull up a patch of grass on the southern lawn (where picnicking is allowed) are one of our favorites.

Stop by a grocery store for some basic picnic supplies like cured meats, several French cheeses, baguettes, some olives, fruit, and of course a pastry or two for dessert, and you can have the perfect picnic on your Paris honeymoon (we also recommend bringing along a Swiss Army Knife to cut your supplies with–makes life much easier!).

Bear in mind that bringing your own alcohol to the Jardin du Luxembourg is forbidden, however, many locals will ignore this rule and be discreet–if you choose to bring along some wine, proceed at your own risk.

Honeymoon in Paris: Luxembourg Gardens

Get lost in Paris’ many beautiful neighborhoods.

Wandering through Paris’ beautiful and idyllic neighborhoods and watching the atmosphere and architecture change as you move between them will always be one of the most romantic things to do in Paris.

If you’re hoping to stroll a bit aimlessly through a beautiful part of Paris on your honeymoon, the Latin Quarter, Marais, Il de la Cite, and Montmartre are all gorgeous places to start that feel distinctly different from each other.

21 Epic Places to Visit in the South of France

Let out your inner child at Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris isn’t just for kids–in fact, I’d venture to say that it’s a lot more laid-back and fun for adults without them! We love visiting theme parks as a couple, Disney included, and it’s a great way to spend a day doing something wildly different than traditional Paris tourism.

Enjoy the nostalgia of the incredibly well-themed rides, check out the (ridiculously impressive) dragon under the castle, watch the fireworks show, indulge in some sugary snacks, snap selfies in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, and let your most free-spirited selves out to play!

Buy your Disneyland Paris tickets now!

Honeymoon in Paris: Day Trip to Disneyland Paris

Discover a Parisian neighborhood through a food tour.

Paris’ neighborhoods are a large part of its magic, and each one has a distinct flavor–sometimes literally!

Dive deep into a neighborhood of your choice–popular options include Marais, the Latin Quarter, and Montmartre–through one of the best and most endlessly entertaining ways to explore a culture: food.

This Marais food tour explores one of Paris’ prettiest neighborhoods and is a fabulous option!

Disappear into the Museum of Romantics.

Part house museum, part art museum, and part quiet, cozy courtyard that feels worlds away from the busier parts of Paris, the Museum of Romantics is a fabulous spot for the Paris honeymooners looking for something a bit quieter and more lowkey… and as a bonus, it’s even free to visit!

Visiting Versailles: Flowers in the Gardens

Indulge in a wine tasting.

Whether you want to schedule a full day exploring the Champagne region or just want to do a quick tasting in the city, sipping delicious French wines is an excellent way to spend part of your honeymoon in Paris.

Wine, cheese, and lunch: this wine class is a great way to start exploring French wine on your Paris honeymoon!

44 Magical Quotes About Paris to Inspire Your Trip

Duck inside cozy bookstores.

Paris is full of beautiful bookstores, so if you and your new spouse are bookworms, be sure to hit up at least a few for browsing and perhaps some souvenir shopping.

By far the most popular English-language bookstore in Paris is Shakespeare & Company–be sure to climb to the top floor for a beautiful view of Notre Dame through the window and to say hi to the resident cat!

If you’re looking for another option, the nearby Abbey Bookshop is also beautiful and worth a look.

Honeymoon in Paris: Abbey Bookshop

Take a romantic cruise on the Seine.

A candlelit dinner, the soft movement of the boat, and the glittering lights of Paris as seen from the Seine: a river cruise is a quintessential Paris honeymoon activity.

Even if you don’t want to go all-in with a dinner cruise, definitely make sure to hit the water and admire Paris from a different perspective than you can get on land.

This well-reviewed Seine River Cruise is a great honeymoon option and includes dinner!

Honeymoon in Paris: Seine River Cruise

Revel in the opulence of the Palais Garnier.

Sure, the famous Phantom of the Opera story is definitely not a version of romance that you want to emulate in your marriage–but the Palais Garnier still brings to mind romantic grandeur!

If your Paris honeymoon falls during the right time of year, consider taking in a show–but either way, be sure to tour the building, complete with its magnificent Hall of Mirrors that is reminiscent of the one at Versailles.

Purchase your skip-the-line tickets for the Palais Garnier today!

Honeymoon in Paris: Palais Garnier

Ride a carousel.

We’re big fans of letting our inner kids out to play (hence the Disneyland Paris suggestion above), and where better to do that than on a carousel in front of the Eiffel Tower?

There are several beautiful carousels in Paris, but the one in the Trocadero Gardens with the Iron Lady in the background is definitely among the most popular. It’s the perfect spot for a colorful selfie on your honeymoon in Paris!

One Day in Paris: Eiffel Tower with Carousel

Paris Honeymoon Tips

Please, don’t leave a lock anywhere.

Several years ago, love locks were all the rage across Europe–but nowhere more so than Paris.

Though the trend has died down, you can still find love locks in virtually every European city, most of them unwanted and uninvited.

While the sentiment is nice and all, there’s nothing romantic about vandalizing a bridge or tossing unnecessary metal into a river, and there are far better ways to express your devotion to each other (like the marriage ceremony that you just had!).

The original love lock bridge, Pont des Arts, and some others like the Pont de l’Archevêché, have actually been fitted with anti-love lock plastic guards to keep the lovers at bay these days–which sadly still isn’t enough to stop some of the most selfish and determined visitors.

One Day in Paris: The Ultimate Guide

Learn a bit of French before you go.

Parisians have a reputation for being rude and abrupt that is frankly undeserved–what some interpret as rudeness is better described as a reserved and formal culture with strangers. Honestly, once you get used to it, it can be quite refreshing for introverts like us!

Any concerns about rudeness can be lessened significantly by learning a bit of French before heading off on your honeymoon in Paris–even so much as a “Bonjour, parlez vous anglais?” (“Hello, do you speak English?”) can help get you off on the right foot.

Most people working in tourism, such as hotel receptionists and waiters, will speak at least a little English–and the more polite you are, the more likely they will be to use it with you!

Honeymoon in Paris: Streets of Paris

Follow basic courtesies in a boutique.

Formal manners in Paris continue into boutiques–in small shops, it’s customary to greet the shopkeeper when you arrive and leave (“Bonjour” / “Merci, au revoir”), and to request to touch or try on any items instead of simply reaching for them.

The Perfect 3 Days in Paris Itinerary for First-Timers

Waiting in line isn’t romantic: book tickets ahead of time where you can.

The lines for major tourist attractions in Paris can get incredibly long, so we recommend booking tickets ahead of time instead! It often doesn’t cost a penny more, allows you to skip the line, and will make your Paris honeymoon go much smoother.

At the very least, purchase advance tickets for the Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay, Versailles, the Arc de Triomphe, the catacombs, and the Eiffel Tower if you choose to go up it.

Personally, I’d recommend purchasing tickets ahead of time for Sainte-Chapelle (my personal favorite church in Paris) and the Palais Garnier as well–as of the time of writing, there’s no extra charge, and it makes things that much simpler when you arrive.

Paris Honeymoon: View of Paris

Run the numbers before buying the Paris Pass.

On our first trip to Paris, we bought the Paris Pass… and then promptly didn’t use it enough to get our money’s worth out of it.

Unless you are planning to spend a large portion of your honeymoon in Paris in museums and hope to take advantage of the other benefits like a Hop On/Hop Off bus tour, the Paris Pass likely won’t be worth the money (especially since you can book skip-the-line tickets so easily anyway.

If you’re considering buying the Paris Pass, add up all the included attractions that you’re sure you want to visit before purchasing to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Check inclusions & pricing for The Paris Pass now!

3 Day Paris Itinerary: Arc de Triomphe

Hop On/Hop Off tours aren’t needed in Paris–opt for the metro instead.

There are some cities that are so sprawling that a Hop On/Hop Off bus tour can make sense–but Paris isn’t one of them.

Paris’ traffic is notoriously terrible and its metro system is one of the densest and most efficient in the world. You’ll save time, money, and headache by skipping the tour bus on your Paris honeymoon and opting to use the metro instead.

One Day in Paris: Metro Sign

Don’t overschedule–be sure to leave plenty of time to wander.

As tempting as it is to make a list of dozens of things to do on your honeymoon in Paris, be sure that you leave some time unscheduled!

Honeymoons are all about relaxing, unwinding, decompressing from the stress of wedding planning, and adjusting to being a newlywed–and in my opinion, both honeymoons and Paris are better when you have the chance to slow down and breathe a bit.

Whether you want to pick a cozy cafe and spend an afternoon people-watching or wander through a random neighborhood and see what you come across, be sure to leave at least a little time unaccounted for during your honeymoon in Paris.

Paris in August: Empty Street Il de la Cite

Accept that you won’t see everything.

Paris, more than most cities, takes a lifetime to conquer.

There’s no such thing as seeing all of Paris on one trip, and your honeymoon in Paris will be much more relaxing if you accept that from the beginning.

Prioritize your wish list, make sure you each get to see your top 3-4 highlights and then go from there.

If you’re lucky, your Paris honeymoon will only be the start–there’s always possible anniversary trips ahead in the future!

Paris in August: Grand Palais

Check closure days for must-see museums.

Several famous Paris museums are closed on one day of the week, so make note of that day for any spots that you wish to visit during your Paris honeymoon.

For example, the Musee d’Orsay and Versailles are closed on Mondays, and the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays.

11 Things to Do in Annecy, France’s Lakeside Gem

Don’t set off for the day without an umbrella.

In Paris, it’s best to think of the rain as a “when” rather than an “if”.

This travel umbrella folds up neatly to fit in your bag and is perfect for bringing along to Paris!

Paris in winter: view from Notre Dame

If you want romantic Paris honeymoon photos, wake up early!

Are you imagining dreamy photos of you and your beloved in front of the Eiffel Tower, on the popular streets in Montmartre, or in front of the Louvre’s pyramid without another soul in sight?

If so… head out at dawn.

This goes double for a Paris honeymoon taking place in the crowded summer months: photos without the crowds can be hard to come by, but as always, your best bet for getting them is beating everyone else out of bed in the morning.

What to Do in Paris at Night: 21 Exciting Ideas

The Louvre is more romantic at night.

On certain days of the week, the Louvre is open at night… and it’s our favorite time to go.

The crowds are a bit lighter, especially as the evening wears on. The rooms seem bigger and more mysterious. You can catch glimpses of the brightly lit Louvre pyramid and the glittering Eiffel Tower through the windows.

And even though the museum is properly open, in some rooms, it can still feel like you and your partner are wandering alone, hand-in-hand, through a closed museum that you have all to yourselves.

It’s romantic, delightful, and far better than visiting during the day.

If you’d like to visit the Louvre at night but still have the benefit of a guide, this guided tour is well-reviewed and includes wine!

Paris Honeymoon Guide: The Louvre Pyramid at Night

Keep an eye out for common Paris scams.

As one of the most visited cities in the world, it’s no surprise that Paris is home to plenty of scams… and as the most romantic city in the world, it’s no surprise that many of them target couples.

Some examples include the flower scam, where a man will shove a rose into a woman’s hands, and then forcefully demand that her partner pay for it, and the gold ring scam, where someone will “find” a ring, present a woman traveling with a partner “for free” and then demand money (and possibly pick your pockets) after the fact.

Other common scams include the friendship bracelet (don’t let anyone tie anything on your wrist!), and the “activists” who try to get you to sign a petition so they can pick your pocket.

These scams don’t have to be intimidating–basically, refuse all offers and don’t be afraid to get loud–but be sure to keep your wits about you and keep an eye on your pockets in crowds.

Paris Honeymoon: Market under the Eiffel Tower

Buy travel insurance.

Don’t spend your honeymoon in Paris worrying about the potential for accidents, delayed flights, or lost luggage!

Travel insurance is one of those things that can seem like a waste of money until you need it, and then suddenly it’s worth all you paid and more.

We use and recommend Safety Wing for their competitive price, ease of purchasing, and the clarity of their contract!

Get a quote to insure your Paris honeymoon today!

3 Days in Paris Itinerary: Cafe

Where to Stay (& Romantic Paris Honeymoon Hotels)

One of the best things about traveling in Paris is that the metro network is so dense, and the highlights of the city so spread out, that you can stay just about anywhere within walking distance of a metro stop and be in a fine location. Whether you’re looking for a stunning hotel with an Eiffel Tower view or an affordable option that leaves you room to splurge on other indulgences, there’s a hotel in Paris worthy of your honeymoon.

Definitely stay within Paris’ 20 arrondissements–the suburbs can be less connected and sometimes less safe–but aside from that, there’s lots of flexibility.

Budget travelers will potentially find good deals further from the center (Montmartre is a great choice, just be sure to Google Street view the hotel to make sure you’re not on a street with lots of sex shops or clubs), and luxury seekers can find plenty of options in the center of town.

If you’re hoping to save a bit of money on lodging on your honeymoon in Paris, the number one thing you can do is schedule your honeymoon outside of the summer high season–hotel prices often get slashed in the winter.

Also: unless you’re planning on splurging on a very luxurious hotel, plan on opening the door to a much smaller hotel room than you’re likely used to–consider it a quirk of Paris, and an excellent excuse to cuddle closer to your beloved!

How Much Does a Trip to Paris Cost (On Any Budget)?


Hotel Bellevue Montmartre — We chose to base ourselves in Montmartre for one of our more budget-friendly trips to Paris, and were completely satisfied with our choice!

The room itself was clean and unremarkable, but the real benefit of Hotel Bellevue Montmartre (other than the price tag) is what you find when you step outside the door: though the hotel is set on a quiet street, it’s a mere 5-minute walk from Sacre Coeur and a 10-minute walk from a metro that is ready and willing to whisk you away to anywhere you wish to go in Paris, and you can’t ask for a better location for the price.

Check rates & book your stay at Hotel Bellevue Montmartre!

Second Time in Paris: Montmartre & Sacre Coeur


Le Clos Medicis — Located on a beautiful, quiet street just a 5-minute walk from the Pantheon and Luxembourg Gardens (plus a metro stop that connects directly to the RER B line), Le Clos Medicis is an excellent midrange hotel option in the perfect Paris location.

While the rooms are the typical small rooms of Paris, the hotel was extremely comfortable, the customer service lovely, and did I mention the location? Being so well-located in Paris has spoiled us for future trips.

One small quirk? They don’t allow any food in the rooms. It wasn’t a big deal for us, but if you’re planning on buying any groceries or takeout during your Paris honeymoon, this might not be the hotel for you.

Check rates & book your stay at Le Clos Medicis!


Relais Christine — For opulent luxury in the heart of the city, consider a stay at Relais Christine for your honeymoon in Paris!

Located in a 17th-century mansion just a short walk away from Notre Dame and boasting beautiful decor, you couldn’t ask for a better location to be pampered like Parisian royalty.

Check rates & book your stay at Relais Christine!

Paris in One Day: Conciergerie

When to Honeymoon in Paris

Every season brings a reason to visit Paris, so assuming you are hoping to stick to tradition and head off on your honeymoon in Paris shortly after the wedding, you’ll definitely be able to!


Spring in Paris brings blooming flowers, perfect picnic weather, and delightful energy in the city as it sheds the last of its gray winter weather.

Bear in mind that spring in Paris can come a bit later than in some spots–March can still be quite chilly–but it can be a lovely time to visit all the same.

Honeymoon in Paris: Flowers in front of Shakespeare and Company


Summer in Paris brings high temperatures and lots of sunshine (well–by Paris standards anyway) and is a fantastic time to experience the city–especially if you’re hoping to spend a lot of time outside.

The downside? Crowds. Summer is the most popular time to visit Paris!

Paris in August is Actually Pretty Wonderful


Fall foliage, reduced crowds and prices as compared to the summer, and crisp fall air–though you’ll likely see less sunshine than in the summer, fall in Paris is an absolute delight, and you can’t go wrong with an autumn honeymoon in Paris.

One Day in Paris: Restaurant in Il de la Cite


Winter is the cheapest and least popular time to visit Paris, but in our opinion, it also happens to be one of the most romantic.

Paris’ museums and cafe culture are perfect for chilly winter days, gray skies are bearable (after all, it’s unlikely that any trip to Paris will avoid gray skies entirely), and there’s nothing more romantic than bundling up in a warm coat and exploring the neighborhoods of Paris hand-in-hand.

We’ve been to Paris in winter twice and love it, so if you have your heart set on a Paris honeymoon and have a winter wedding planned, don’t despair! It can definitely be done.

Paris in Winter: 31 Reasons to Visit (+ Tips!)

How Long to Stay in Paris

When planning a honeymoon in Paris, one of the first decisions you’ll likely make (especially if you’re hopping across an ocean to reach the city) is whether or not to focus exclusively on Paris or to broaden your horizons.

Personally, we would recommend a week in Paris (including a day trip from Paris or two) to pull off the perfect Paris honeymoon.

Fast-paced travelers who are hoping to incorporate their time in Paris into a longer European honeymoon can get by with as little as 3 days, but it won’t be very relaxing!

If you have more than a week, consider looking outside of Paris for other nearby honeymoon spots: with a plethora of fast trains and budget airlines using Paris as a hub, much of Europe is at your fingertips when in Paris.

That being said, if you can’t imagine anything better than spending 2 weeks or more tucked away in the City of Lights, go for it–you certainly won’t run out of things to do!

Honeymoon in Paris: Eiffel Tower

What to Pack for Your Paris Honeymoon

Travel Insurance — I know I already mentioned it above, but seriously: travel insurance is a very small investment as compared to the cost of a honeymoon in Paris, and it’s worth the peace of mind!

Beautiful Clothes — This may be the most photographed trip of your lives–you’ll want to look the part!

Be sure to bring around some of your favorite outfits, and perhaps also some new ones as well. If you’re planning to attend any events (such as an opera) or dine at an upscale restaurant, be sure to pack an outfit that suits the occasion.

Pacsafe — Honeymoons are all about indulging in fun and forgetting your worries, so make that a bit easier on yourselves and pick up a Pacsafe before you go.

This portable travel safe is incredibly easy to use: simply put your valuables inside it, lock the safe to the most secure thing in your hotel room (usually a pipe or the base of a toilet), and rest easy knowing your things are safe. Our Pacsafe travels the world with us and we’ve always been so glad to have it along.

Kate Storm in a red dress in front of La Consulat cafe in Montmartre, one of the most instagrammable places in Paris

Travel Adaptors for Paris — If you’re coming from outside of Europe, you’ll likely need to pick up travel adaptors for Paris–don’t risk getting to your hotel room and not being able to charge anything!

Portable USB Charger — Hope to keep your phone charged through long days of sightseeing, photo-taking, social media uploads, and looking up directions? Throw a portable USB charger into your day bag! We’ve used and loved this one (sadly it got lost a while back).

Paris vs Rome: Which Iconic City is Right for You?

Travel Journal — Take it from someone whose honeymoon is blur even though it was a mere five years ago: you’re going to want to remember this. Take a few minutes each day to journal about your honeymoon in Paris–those memories are so, so precious.

If you don’t think you’ll commit to writing long prose, I recommend the One Line a Day Journal, which is what I use now. The journal is set up so you can easily look back over a five-year period, and your only commitment is one sentence a day–how easy is that?

I’m a more than a year into mine now and desperately wish I had started it when we first got married.

Umbrella — As I mentioned earlier in this post: it’s better to think of rain as a when rather than an if when traveling in Paris. An umbrella is a must-have for your Paris honeymoon!

Paris Honeymoon: Books on the Banks of the Seine, Paris

Swiss Army Knife — Want to slice some bread or cheese, or even open a wine bottle for your picnic in Paris? Having a Swiss Army Knife will make that so much easier!

Just remember to put it in your checked luggage–airport security doesn’t tend to take kindly to people bringing knives on planes.

Extra Luggage Space — If there’s ever a trip you’re going to want to come home with souvenirs from, it’s your honeymoon in Paris!

I recommend picking up at least one thing to wear, one thing to go in your shared home together, and one thing to eat (and if it’s preservable, like wine, you might even want to save it for your first anniversary).

If it’s your style, Paris is also, of course, the ultimate lingerie shopping destination–and it’s hard to think of a more appropriate honeymoon souvenir than that!

If you’re concerned about transporting souvenirs home safely, many places in Paris will be willing to ship things home for you–for a fee, of course.

The Ultimate Packing List for Europe: Summer Edition

Basic Medication — On our first trip to Paris, I got sick and had the unfortunate challenge of trying to get a specific medication from the pharmacy–with a high fever and without speaking much French.

It was not fun. Ever since we try to carry basic medications with us on the road, and our lives are much easier for it!

Hopefully you won’t need them–but you can get a little extra peace of mind on your honeymoon in Paris by throwing basics like Pepto Bismol and Ibuprofen in your luggage before you go.

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The ultimate guide to planning your honeymoon in Paris! #paris #france #honeymoon #wedding #travel

Many thanks to Le Foodist for hosting us for a macaron baking class! All opinions are, as always, our own.

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