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15 Best Things to Do in Atlantic Beach, NC

Set on a barrier island along North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, Atlantic Beach will always be one of my favorite beach towns on the planet–and despite its small size, there are a surprising number of fun things to do in Atlantic Beach, NC!

This small town, along with surrounding spots like Morehead City, Beaufort, and Pine Knoll Shores, are the beach towns that I grew up in, visiting at least annually since birth–as did my mother before me, and my grandmother before her.

The Crystal Coast (sometimes known as the southern Outer Banks) may not have as much name recognition as the better-known Outer Banks towns to the north, but if you’re looking for a laid-back, fun, and affordable beach vacation in North Carolina, you can’t go wrong with a visit here.

Here are the best things to do in Atlantic Beach, NC!

Kate Storm sitting on the beach at Fort Macon State Park NC

What to Do in Atlantic Beach, NC

Hit the beach!

Without a doubt, the beach that runs the length of town and beyond is the major reason people visit Atlantic Beach, us included.

We tend to head to Fort Macon State Park–more on that below–to park our umbrella in the sand, but there are plenty of places to choose from.

Atlantic Beach is home to some of the best beaches in North Carolina, so no matter what stretch of sand you choose, it’s bound to be gorgeous.

Wooden boardwalk leading to a sandy beach framed by sand dunes in Atlantic Beach NC

Visit Fort Macon State Park.

As one of the most popular state parks in North Carolina, visiting Fort Macon is definitely one of the best things to do in Atlantic Beach!

Tour the restored 19th-century fort, hike a nature trail, or simply head directly to the beach to enjoy some sun and waves.

Inner courtyard of Fort Macon NC with a stack of cannonballs built into a pyramid in the foreground

Check out one of the boardwalks or piers. 

The Atlantic Beach Boardwalk and Oceanana Pier are both popular and offer great views. 

The Oceanana Pier is also a great place to fish!

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Take a day trip to Beaufort.

As one of the oldest towns in North Carolina, Beaufort is packed with both history and charm.

Shop the boutiques on Front Street, learn a bit of history at the North Carolina Maritime Museum, see if you can spot the wild ponies across Taylor Creek, and grab lunch.

Growing up, no Atlantic Beach vacation was complete without spending at least one day in Beaufort!

Kate Storm in a floral dress on a boardwalk, one of the best things to do in Beaufort NC, with sailboats in the background

… or to Cape Lookout.

Of all the things to do in Atlantic Beach, this is one that you absolutely should not miss: a day trip to nearby Cape Lookout National Seashore will introduce you to a completely different side of the Crystal Coast that you can’t get by staying on the mainland.

During the summer, tours run daily from both nearby Beaufort and not-so-nearby but reachable Harkers Island (which incidentally, while very small, is a deeply interesting place that is home to one of the only unique dialects of English in the United States).

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Be sure to climb the lighthouse itself (it’s one of the prettiest lighthouses in North Carolina) for absolutely magnificent views, to enjoy the bright, shallow water on the beach that is more reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea than most of the typical beaches on the Crystal Coast, and look for wild horses across the water on Shackleford Banks!

Since climbing the lighthouse is such a big part of a day trip to Cape Lookout, be sure to check the schedule to see when it is open, and hurry to grab your ticket and schedule your climbing time as soon as you arrive on the island! Since only a certain number of people are allowed to climb Cape Lookout at a given time, you’ll likely need to wait a bit to go up.

Cape Lookout lighthouse in North Carolina on a sunny day

Get up early to watch the sunrise.

Atlantic Beach is home to some stunning sunsets over the dunes and sound, too, but the sunrises over the ocean are truly magnificent.

Go fishing.

Depending on your experience level, this could mean grabbing some bait and heading to one of the piers, signing up for a deep-sea fishing tour, or renting a boat and heading out to sea yourself!

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Enjoy a bird’s eye view. 

Going parasailing over the Bogue Sound was a childhood favorite in my family, and offers fantastic views over the water!

Kate Storm and Jeremy Storm seated below a bright yellow parasail that is over the Bogue Sound. Parasailing is one of the fun things to do in Atlantic Beach NC

Go wreck diving.

Home to one of the largest collections of shipwrecks in North America, the Crystal Coast of North Carolina is a fantastic place for experienced divers to head underwater!

Explore Atlantic Beach on foot.

Long walks (or bike rides) are one of our favorite ways to get to know a new place–and Atlantic Beach has several marked loop walks that will help you discover the best of the town.

4 colorful beach chairs on a white deck overlooking the Bogue Sound in Atlantic Beach NC

Pay a visit to Shackleford Banks.

The barrier island known as Shackleford Banks is an easy day trip from Atlantic Beach, and visiting is undoubtedly one of the most unique things to do in the area, as the island is home to wild horses!

It’s not entirely clear how they got there, but a pack of wild horses that are distantly related to Colonial Spanish horses have made their home on this small barrier island (the most likely scenario for their arrival is via shipwrecks in the 1500s).

The horses are generally shy, and as with all ethical wildlife encounters, a close view isn’t guaranteed–but in the decades I’ve been visiting Shackleford Banks, I don’t think I’ve ever left without spotting at least a couple beautiful horses.

2 wild horses on a beach in North Carolina. Both horses are brown and they are standing near sand dunes

Check out the North Carolina Aquarium.

The North Carolina Aquarium is involved in enormous amounts of conservation work–and what better time to learn about the fragility of our oceans than when you’re already visiting one?

Pine Knoll Shores is home to one branch of the North Carolina Aquarium, one that I credit with teaching me lots about the ocean, marine life, and the local ecosystem as a child.

Visit Atlantic Beach Town Park.

Home to a mini-golf course, splash pad, and more, this park is a fairly new addition to the list of things to do in Atlantic Beach, and an excellent way to still enjoy a bit of fresh air when you need a break from the beach.

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Rent a boat for the day.

Depending on how confident you are driving, renting a boat for a day can mean anything from driving to Beaufort via the sound to taking an independent day trip to Cape Lookout and Shackleford Banks!

Dolphin poking out of the water near Atlantic Beach NC as seen from a boat

Go horseback riding on the beach.

If (like me) you’ve always wanted to go horseback riding on the beach, there are several outfits near Atlantic Beach that will take you out for a day.

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Where to Stay in Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach’s location along a long, thin barrier island means that most hotels are on or near the ocean, though the small size of the town means that there aren’t too many to choose from. 

We typically stay in a family home or occasionally a rental property when visiting Atlantic Beach,  which is common among repeat visitors, but we did stay in the Doubletree a few years ago and absolutely loved the oceanfront location.

If you’d like to save a little money, you can stay sound-side instead of oceanfront, but even in a worst-case scenario, if you’re staying in Atlantic Beach itself you’ll never be further than a short walk or very short drive from the ocean.

Prefer to have a few more hotel options? Morehead City and Pine Knoll Shores both have more properties to choose from.

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