2 Weeks in Italy Itinerary: Arezzo, Tuscany

The Subtle Joy of Doing Nothing in Tuscany

Italy Travel Stories

After a combined nearly two months of traveling through Tuscany in the last couple of years, we have come to learn that trying to describe some of our best days there can often leave us feeling a bit like a high school student being asked by their parents how their big first date went: “So, what did you do?” “Not much.” “… And how was it?” “Great!” And really, when…

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Ultimate Packing List for Mexico and Central America

26 Things I Did While I Was 26

Our Journey Travel Stories

Last year, I shared one of my personal traditions on the blog: every year since my twenty-second birthday, I have made a list on my birthday as a gift to myself: “21 Things I Did When I Was 21”, or whatever the corresponding number of…

Light Travel Reads, Summer Books

7 Light Travel Reads Perfect for Summer

Travel Planning Travel Stories

Among all of the other amazing experiences and exciting life changes that travel has brought us, long term travel has also brought back our love of reading: picturesque beaches, eclectic coffee shops, and cozy Airbnbs (click here for a discount on your first stay!) are…