Best Food in Budapest: 25+ Things to Eat + Experience!

When people consider traveling to Budapest, food doesn’t seem to come up on the list often as a reason to visit.

The epic parliament building? Yes. Ruin bars? Sure. Thermal baths? Of course.

But forgetting about the delights of Hungarian cuisine is a shame–because there is so much delicious food in Budapest.

Sure, the names can get kind of long and difficult to pronounce for English speakers (kürtőskalács, anyone?), but Hungarian food itself is varied, often rich, and virtually always delicious.

If you don’t want to go hungry in Hungary (forgive me, I couldn’t just leave that there), here’s all the best food in Budapest–good luck deciding what to eat!

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How to Try a Wide Variety of Hungarian Foods At Once

Want to sample several of the best foods in Budapest in one fell swoop, or simply want to be able to try small bites of each so you don’t accidentally order something you don’t like?

Consider signing up for a Budapest food tour!

The Ideal 3 Days in Budapest Itinerary

We’ve enjoyed many food tours over the years, both in Budapest and across the world, and always walk away feeling a bit more knowledgeable about both the local cuisine and the city as a whole.

A food tour will allow you to sample far more dishes in one evening than you could try in a few days’ worth of “normal” eating!

Budapest Food Tours with Taste Hungary: Central Cafe Cakes

If you would like to enjoy a food tour in Budapest (or any other city), consider signing up for it as early in your trip as possible.

That way, you’ll have plenty of new favorite dishes to order in restaurants throughout the rest of your trip.

Book your Budapest food tour today!

Beset Food in Budapest: Menu in Restaurant Interior

The Best Food in Budapest: What to Eat


I mean, how could we not start here?

If you know of one Hungarian dish before visiting Budapest, it’s probably goulash.

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Goulash is essentially a meat and spice stew and can be served alone, as a soup, or even over noodles.

You’ll see all kinds of delicious presentations of goulash when exploring the best food in Budapest, and they’re all delicious!

What to Eat in Budapest: Goulash

Chicken Paprikash

One of the most popular dishes in Budapest, chicken paprikash is essentially chicken coated in a sour cream sauce (heavy on the paprika, of course).

This is standard menu offering in just about any traditional Hungarian restaurant!

Best Food in Budapest: Chicken Paprikash

Jókai Bean Soup

This bean soup, made with vegetables, and sausage, and topped with sour cream, is one of my personal favorite things to eat in Budapest.

That’s true year-round, but especially on a cold day!

Best Food in Budapest: Jokai Bean Soup

Túrós Csusza

Egg noodles, sour cream, cheese, and bacon.

With a combination of ingredients like that, túrós csusza is an easy win.

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This is the Hungarian version of vegetable soup, and it is a delight!

close up of a bowl of typical hungarian Lecsó soup in a white bowl, must eat budapest food


Hungarian pancakes are one of the only Hungarian dishes that survived my family’s immigration from Hungary to the USA long enough that I actually learned how to make them as a teenager–and they’re amazing!

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Think thin, crepe-like pancakes: these aren’t anything like fluffy American pancakes.

Palacsinta can be served either sweet or savory, and they’re delicious either way.

Best Food in Budapest: Palacsinta

Rakott Krumpli

This casserole is the ultimate comfort food!

Made from layered potatoes, sour cream, sausage, and eggs, this is a stick-to-your-ribs comfort dish that is impossible not to love.

Our Delicious Budapest Food Tour + Wine Tasting (+ How to Book!)


Hungarian sausage is practically an institution: there are endless varieties and options, and so far, they are all completely amazing.

What to Eat in Budapest: Kolbász


Sauerkraut isn’t unique to Hungary, of course, but it is very popular there!

You’ll see it in soups, served on the side of sausage, cooked into casseroles, and more.

Rántott Sajt

Deep-fried cheese croquettes–need I say more?

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This deep-fried dough is traditionally topped with sour cream and cheese (making it a great traditional dish for vegetarians in Budapest), though today you’ll see it topped with just about anything imaginable.

We recommend trying it at least once prepared traditionally, though–you just may end up as hooked on it as we are.

Best Food in Budapest: Langos


Fried goose liver–because why not?

Töltött Paprika

In Hungary, this stuffed pepper dish is often served with meatballs.

hungarian stuffed peppers with paprika served over a red and white checkered tablecloth


This slow-simmered beef and onion stew is wonderful.

Don’t confuse it with goulash, though, which is not quite the same thing, despite their similarities.

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These egg noodle dumplings are commonly served as part of Chicken Paprikash–but they’re wonderful on their own, too!

Best Food in Budapest: Nokedli


Borscht is not unique to Hungary, of course, but this beet soup-slash-stew is very popular there.

The dish can be served hot or cold, depending on the season.

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AKA, Hungarian croissants, though you’ll notice that they have a slightly different shape!

bin of kifli hungarian food croissants for sale in a bakery

Fisherman’s Soup

Spicy and bright red in color, Fisherman’s Soup is extremely popular in Budapest, and is made with river fish and a generous helping of paprika.

If you want to add this soup to your list of Budapest food to try, it won’t be hard: you’ll find it on more menus than you don’t!

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Töltött Káposzta

If stuffed cabbage rolls don’t sound like your thing, still give them a chance once while exploring the food in Budapest.

You just may be surprised at how tasty they can be!

Best Food in Budapest: Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Sour Cherry Soup

This summer soup is served chilled and is an absolute treat.

Don’t pass it up if you’re deciding what to eat in Budapest during the summer!

bowl of hungarian sour cherry soup with a spoon dipped in it


Originally made by the Jewish community, this stew prominently features kidney beans, onions, barley, meat, and–I know you’re shocked–the ubiquitous paprika.

Once upon a time, solet was typically prepared on Fridays before Shabbat and then eaten for Saturday’s lunch.

The tastiness of the dish has caused its popularity to soar, though, and you’ll now find it throughout Hungary–and not just on Saturdays.

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Újházi Chicken Soup

Hungarian chicken soup is brothy, full of vegetables, and a fabulous comfort food.

What to Eat in Budapest: Chicken Soup

What to Drink in Budapest

Hungarian Wine

Hungarian wine may not be as well-known as those from, say, France or Italy, but Hungary’s wine regions sure know how to produce a delightful, inexpensive drink!

Hungary’s best-known wine is from Tokaj, and is a sweet white wine meant to be used as a dessert wine.

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Be sure not to stop there, though–you’ll find plenty of wines, both red and white, produced in the country that are delicious.

We took this Hungarian wine-tasting class on one of our trips to Budapest and absolutely adored it–if you’re curious about local wine, cheese, and charcuterie, we highly recommend it!

Book your Hungarian wine-tasting class today!

Prague or Budapest: Tasting Table Budapest


Fröccs, aka wine spritzers, are a mix of wine and soda water.

They are absolutely ubiquitous during summer in Budapest!

glass of froccs on a wood table in hungary


Unicum is the national drink of Hungary.

An herbal liqueur, it is usually drunk as a digestif and, like pálinka, is sometimes considered to be medicinal.

I’ve heard unicum described as “an acquired taste” more than once, so if you decide to try some, you’ve been warned!

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This fruit brandy is extremely strong–you’ll even hear some Hungarians calling it a medicine!

It’s not for everyone, but if you’re curious, be sure to give it a try once when sampling Hungarian food in Budapest.

Best Food in Budapest: Palinka

Hungarian Desserts and Sweet Treats


These round, spiral cakes that are made by roasting on a spit are now all the rage across Central Europe (if you decide to celebrate Christmas in Europe, you’ll definitely see them at Christmas markets all over)–but they’re original to Hungary!

Also called Chimney Cakes in English, these sweet treats are definitely worth trying when you’re looking for the best food in Budapest!

Love these quirky cakes enough that you want to take them home with you?

You can even sign up for a chimney cake workshop to learn how to make kürtőskalács yourself!

Book your chimney cake workshop today!

Best Things to Do in Budapest: Chimney Cake

Esterházy torta

One of my favorite cakes in the world!

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Esterházy cake is made up of spiced buttercream layered with walnut meringue (in Austria, this cake is made with almonds instead of walnuts) and topped with glaze.

This one came from Central Cafe, one of our favorite cafes in Budapest:

Best Food in Budapest: Esterhazy Cake

Rákóczi Túrós

Hungarian cheesecake is such a treat!

You’ll traditionally find this cake topped with apricot meringue.

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Dobos torta

Sponge cake plus layers of chocolate buttercream, topped with caramel–the combination makes for an amazing cake!

What to Eat in Budapest: Dobos Torta


Delicious puréed chestnuts, sweetened and then topped with whipped cream, make up this unforgettable Hungarian dessert.

Best Food in Budapest: Gesztenyepüré


Cottage cheese dumplings covered in toasted breadcrumbs, and then served with powdered sugar and sour cream–sound like a bit of a strange dessert?

I promise it’s not–these are absolutely worth a try, especially if you’re the type to find some desserts too sweet for your palate.

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Hungarian strudel is flaky, incredibly rich, and stuffed with a sweet filling.

I’m partial to the cherry myself, though I’m yet to find a version that I don’t like!

Best Food in Budapest: Strudel

Food Experiences in Budapest You Can’t Miss

Buy some paprika.

Paprika is the ultimate Hungarian souvenir!

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Whether classic or smoked, you can find paprika for sale all over Budapest, including (of course) in Central Market Hall.

It’s very inexpensive, and arguably much better than any version of paprika you can buy outside the region, so be sure to stock up.

Best Things to Do in Budapest: Buy Paprika

Go for a wine tasting.

We loved the wine tasting we did with Taste Hungary!

Not only did we get to enjoy several glasses of Hungarian wine (seriously, don’t plan on driving after this tour, though it’s unlikely you would need to), but the charcuterie board was phenomenal.

The Tokaji sweet wine paired with blue cheese that we had during this wine tasting goes down as one of the best bites of food I have had in my life.

I promise that I’m not entirely overstating things–my friend Allison took the same tour a year after me and said the exact same thing!

Book your Hungarian wine-tasting class today!

Budapest Food Tours with Taste Hungary: The Tasting Table

Stroll through Central Market Hall.

Also called Great Market Hall, Budapest’s Central Market Hall is a delight for the taste buds.

Featuring grocery stalls on the ground floor (fruit, bottles of alcohol, sausage, spices, etc.) and prepared food on top, Central Market Hall is one of those spots that you may find yourself passing through more than once while searching out the best food in Budapest.

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You can find a version of most of the foods featured in this blog post here, though you’ll definitely want to branch out as well!

For those looking for basic souvenirs, the top floor also has several souvenir stalls, and for those looking for more basic groceries, there’s an Aldi in the basement.

Best Food in Budapest: Central Market Hall

Indulge in cake and coffee at a cafe.

Budapest has an incredible cafe culture.

Gilded, 19th-century cafes serving elegant drinks and desserts are not uncommon, so be sure to stop by one at least once while you’re working your way through the best food in Budapest!

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The insanely gorgeous New York Cafe is the best-known, but there are plenty of other options available in the city as well (that tend to be more reasonably priced).

We’re partial to Central Cafe for those looking for a side of glitz and glamour with their cappuccino!

Best Things to Do in Budapest: Central Cafe

Take a Hungarian cooking class.

Want to take the best food in Budapest home with you?

Consider taking a cooking class in the city and learn how to make some of Hungary’s most popular meals for yourself!

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Not only are cooking classes tons of fun and a great way to stretch your skills (and stomach–I haven’t been to one yet where I didn’t leave stuffed to the gills), but they are fantastic opportunities to learn more about Hungary’s food culture by engaging with the cuisine in a very hands-on way.

This well-reviewed one includes a tour of Central Market Hall in addition to plenty of cooking (and eating).

Book your Hungarian cooking class today!

What to Do in Budapest: Eat Hungarian Food

Grab a drink at one of the ruin bars.

Nearly 20 years ago, ruin bars came to Budapest… and their popularity has only continued to explode ever since.

Known for their inexpensive drinks and eclectic decor, Budapest’s ruin bars are housed in once-derelict buildings that have found second lives as pubs.

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The largest and most famous ruin bar is Szimpla Kert, and it’s the perfect place to introduce yourself to this unique feature of Budapest.

Book your ruin pub crawl in Budapest today!

Budapest or Vienna: Szimpla Kert

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Many thanks to Taste Hungary for hosting us on our wine tasting with them! All opinions are, as always, our own.

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