How to Plan a Festive Austria Christmas Market Trip

Taking an Austria Christmas market trip is a lot like stepping inside a particularly magical storybook.

There will be warm drinks, sweet treats, detailed decor, and an atmosphere that tends to make you feel like a soundtrack of Christmas music should be playing 24/7 in the background (or maybe that one is just me).

While just about every major European city boasts a Christmas market these days, Germany and Austria got there first, and–if I do say so myself–they still do it best (though places like the villages of Alsace, France are very close contenders).

There is hardly a more festive way to spend December than heading off on an Austria Christmas market trip, but there’s quite a bit you’ll want to know before you go–and we’ve got it all covered here.

one of the best christmas markets in austria at night, blue hour in vienna austria
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Where to Find the Best Christmas Markets in Austria

If you’re wondering where to start on your Austria Christmas market trip, these destinations are perfect!

These Christmas market cities are easy to reach and travel between, boast some of the prettiest and most popular Christmas markets in Austria (also called “Advent markets”), and if you’re a completionist at heart, you can even visit them all by making a kind-of circle around the country!

collection of nutcrackers for sale at one of the best christmas markets in austria


Vienna is an iconic Austria Christmas market destination, and the forerunners to the modern markets date back to the 13th century!

31 Magical Christmas Markets in Europe

Today, more than 20 Christmas markets light up Vienna during the holiday season, full of beautiful crafts, decor, and some of the best things to eat in Vienna.

Be sure not to miss the ice skating course at the Rathausplatz market (our biggest regret from our trip is skipping this and never finding one as cool again) or stepping into a cafe for an absolutely magnificent Viennese hot chocolate!

Austria Christmas Market Trip: Department Store in Vienna


Salzburg is home to our personal favorite Christmas market in Austria.

The combination of the beautiful setting, the delicious food, and the absolutely gorgeous stands (I’m partial to the ornament stands in particular) made Salzburg’s main Christmas market unforgettable–and its smaller markets were magical too.

Salzburg in Winter: A Massively Detailed Guide


Innsbruck is colorful, beautiful, walkable, and surrounded by the looming, snowy Alps–in other words, it’s a festive dream come true even before you arrive in the markets!

Innsbruck will be your best chance to see snow while in celebrating Christmas in Austria, so be sure to take a cable car ride up into the mountains for a winter wonderland experience even if you’re not a skier.

Austria Christmas Market Trip: Innsbruck Houses in December


Located in southeastern Austria, Graz boasts a few points of interest that might entice you to add it to your Austria Christmas market itinerary.

It’s the second-largest city in Austria, all of its most popular Christmas markets are within walking distance of each other, and it is home to a gigantic nativity scene carved entirely from ice!

Strasbourg in December: The Complete (Festive) Travel Guide


If you visit Linz for one reason during your Austria Christmas market trip, make it the Linzertorte.

This beautiful pastry is named after the city of Linz and is popular at Christmastime. Made of crumbly dough, nuts, and jam, it’s a delicious treat and one of the oldest cakes in the world.

Austria Christmas Market Stall

Beyond Christmas in Austria: More Festive Destinations

If you’re traveling through Europe by train, Central Europe’s dense rail system makes it incredibly easy to add another country or two to your list of Christmas market destinations!

The Ultimate (Cozy) Packing List for Europe: Winter Edition

We’ve visited each of these cities throughout our travels, many of them while celebrating Christmas in Europe, and can heartily recommend them as additions to your time exploring the best Christmas markets in Austria!

christmas in austria at night salzburg christmas market


Want to add an iconic German Christmas market to your Austria Christmas market trip?

Munich makes an easy side trip from Salzburg, and is considered one of the best Christmas market destinations in Germany!

Munich to Neuschwanstein Castle: A Fairytale Day Trip


Just a couple hours south of Innsbruck sits Bolzano, home to the oldest Christmas market in Italy and a delightful mix of Austrian and Italian culture, as Bolzano was part of Austria until 1918.

Bolzano is home to some of the absolute best Italian Christmas markets–if you want to celebrate Christmas in Italy, this is an excellent place to be.

Couple in Soprabolzano: these coats are a great example of what to add to your packing list for Europe winter.


Fairytale-like Prague is a city so beautiful that it seems designed for Christmas markets.

Prague or Budapest: Which One Should You Visit?

If you’re heading north into Czechia, consider also stopping in stunning Český Krumlov as well!

Prage Christmas market in its central square as seen from above during blue hour. Prague has some of the best Christmas markets in Europe


Hungary’s capital boasts beautiful Christmas markets, gorgeous views of the Danube river, and an endless list of things to do.

As our favorite city in Central Europe, we can’t recommend Budapest enough!

Budapest or Vienna: Statue of Imre Nagy


Croatia’s capital city may be less-known than some of these destinations, but it’s also been voted the city with the best Christmas markets in Europe more than once!

A curious choice, I know–so why not go see what all the fuss is about?

The Perfect One Day in Zagreb Itinerary


If you’re looking for a low-key, less crowded destination to add to your Christmas market trip, consider Bratislava, Slovakia.

Quiet, charming, and incredibly convenient to visit from Vienna via train, Bratislava makes a slightly offbeat but lovely addition to an Austria Christmas market trip.

Austria Christmas Market Trip: Wreaths

Tips for Planning an Austria Christmas Market Trip

Check the opening dates of the Christmas markets ASAP.

The last thing you want to do is plan a Christmas market trip only to arrive and see that the markets aren’t open (we may or may not have missed the market by one day in Český Krumlov).

Colmar in Winter: Epic Travel Guide + Christmas Market FAQ

Ideally, plan a trip between late November and December 23.

Christmas markets in Austria are generally open from late November until right before Christmas, but the dates vary a bit every year.

Unlike in other places throughout Europe, very few of Austria’s Christmas markets remain open after Christmas.

Austrians celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at home, and virtually no businesses will be open on those days.

For that reason, most visitors will want to end their Austria Christmas market trip before the official holidays!

Austria Christmas Market Trip: Innsbruck

Book your hotels as soon as you’re able to commit to dates.

Christmas market season is an incredibly popular time to visit Austria, and hotels book up quickly.

Christmas in Bavaria: Itineraries, Market Tips + Travel Guide!

We were shocked at how little selection there was a few weeks before our trip!

As soon as you’re able to commit to dates, go ahead and decide where to stay.

Typically, we look for hotels or apartments with an 8.0 rating or greater on when planning trips!

Check rates & book your December stay(s) in Austria today!

vienna christmas market at night as seen from above

If your focus is solely on Christmas markets, plan 1-2 full days in each location.

One to two days in each city will give you a chance to visit a good percentage of the Christmas markets in the area, and also to see a bit of Austria outside the markets.


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… Don’t focus solely on Christmas markets.

As magical as Austria’s Christmas markets are, be sure to see some of the rest of Austria’s charm, too!

Whether it’s a Mozart concert in Salzburg, a tour of the palaces and museums of Vienna, skiing in Tirol, or beyond, be sure to make room for a bit of traditional tourism on your Austria Christmas market trip as well!

Austria Christmas Market Trip: Stalls at Innsbruck Christmas Market

Dress warmly: think layers and comfortable shoes.

An Austria Christmas market trip means spending a lot of time outside in cold weather, so come prepared!

You’ll want a warm coat (I wore one similar to this one, Jeremy wore one like this), as well as comfortable boots, and a cozy hatscarf, and gloves. Our winter boots are also tried and tested for Christmas markets and will keep you warm, dry and comfortable. I have these and Jeremy wears these, pair with warm socks and cuffs for extra warmth.

people shopping in a market during christmas in austria with ornament in the foreground

Austria Christmas Market Tips & Tricks

All of Austria’s Christmas markets are unique.

Some are focused primarily on food, some on shopping.

Some are home to mass-produced souvenirs, others (much more expensive, but more beautiful) handcrafted gifts.

How to Travel from Vienna to Český Krumlov by Train

Some have carnival rides and games for children, others don’t.

Some are decorated extensively, others have simpler themes.

Regardless of the style of the market, each of Austria’s Christmas markets are delightful in their own way–so be sure to visit a variety!

Winter in Salzburg: Girl at Christmas Market

Come prepared to rent a mug.

Mug rental is a highly entertaining practice (or maybe that’s just the glühwein talking), but it can be a bit confusing if it’s your first Christmas market trip and you don’t know what you’re getting into.

Here’s the deal: each Austrian Christmas market will have its own mug–so yes, Vienna has more than 20 (some are similar, but many are incredibly different).

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When you buy your first drink at a given market, you put down a deposit (normally 2-4 Euros) for the mug, and you can then refill it however many times you want at the different stalls.

When you’re finished, you can either turn your mug in and collect your deposit back, or you can keep the mug as a fun and inexpensive souvenir of your Austria Christmas market trip.

We’re still sad we turned in this Santa mug in Vienna! We 100% should have kept it.

Santa Mug at Austria Christmas market

Haggling is not the norm.

Word on the street is that if you buy an enormous number of items (think 100+ Euros or more), some stalls might cut a minor discount… but haggling is very much not typical behavior in Austrian Christmas markets.

The price you see is what you get!

exchange of money at a market during christmas in austria

Not all markets will have equal prices.

This is especially apparent when you’re looking at small goods that are sold everywhere, like Mozartkugeln candies in Salzburg.

The smaller, less-famous markets can often be the best places to pick up these items.

Budapest or Vienna: Which City is Right for You?

Come hungry!

Even markets primarily focused on crafts and decor will have a food stall or two–and compared to the price of eating in restaurants, eating at the Christmas markets in Austria is both affordable and festive.

Plus, you can find reliably delicious Austrian food at the markets.

Salzburg in WInter: Christmas Market Booth

Bring cash, preferably small bills.

Not every stand will accept credit cards, especially for small purchases like food, so it’s definitely better to have some Euros on you at all times.

Rome in Winter: 21 Reasons to Visit + Tips

If you expect to buy a lot, bring a reusable bag with you.

Some stalls will have bags, but even for those who do, there’s no reason to put extra plastic into the planet.

Bring a reusable bag with you on big shopping days (say, if you want to decorate a whole tree or buy gifts for family and friends back home) and you won’t need to worry about it.

We’ve carried this bag with us for years and love it.

Austria Christmas Market trip: souvenir stall with snowman

Visit markets both during the day and after dark.

During the day, it will be much less crowded, making it easier to shop and take photos of the markets.

How to Celebrate Christmas in Europe: Itinerary Ideas, Tips + FAQ!

After dark, Austria’s Christmas markets truly come alive as locals come out for a bite to eat and to see any shows being put on (carolers are common).

You won’t need to stay up late, though–since the sun sets around 4:00 pm, give or take, during December, “night” at a Christmas market in Austria is a bit of a relative term.

Kate and Jeremy in a Vienna Christmas market taking a selfie. Kate is holding up and red and white Santa mug.

Don’t forget about lesser-known Christmas markets!

Whether it’s simply a smaller market in a major city (we loved the one in front of the Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg, for example), or a market in a smaller town in Austria, markets that give you a chance to escape the crowds in the famous spots provide a magic all their own.

Český Krumlov in Winter: Why You Need to Visit + Travel Guide

Most Christmas markets are free to enter.

You’ll find the occasional exception throughout Europe, but the general rule in Austria and beyond is that the Christmas markets are free and open for the community (and copious amounts of visitors) to enjoy.

Winter in Salzburg: Christmas Market Booth

The Austrian Christmas Market Foods + Drinks

Writing an entire guide to Christmas market food in Austria would require a literal book–but here are some of the most popular, delicious choices, both sweet and savory, to add to your must-eat list!

How to Plan an Epic 2 Week Europe Trip (+ Europe Itinerary Ideas!)


Hot, mulled wine is a staple of Christmas markets everywhere, and no winter trip to Austria would be complete without a mug or two!

people shopping at a vienna austria christmas market

Other Punches & Beers

While glühwein is popular, it’s hardly the only thing on tap!

All kinds of original punches and beers will be available at the Christmas markets, so be sure to try several during your visit to Austria.

Best Food in Budapest: What to Eat + Experience


Savory or sweet? You choose.

Personally, we’re partial to the bacon/cheese/onion pretzels.

Austrian Christmas Markets: Pretzels


There’s no shortage of sausage for sale at the Austria Christmas markets, from bratwurst to kasekrainer (which is stuffed which cheese and you absolutely need to try it).


These Austrian donuts have a jam filling and are topped with powdered sugar–what could go wrong?

Austria Christmas Market Trip: Krapfen

Candied Nuts

Delicious and easy to transport home, this is the definition of snack you buy extra of under the justification of eating some now and saving some for later (even if you don’t actually end up saving anything for later).

The Ultimate Europe Bucket List: 75 Fun Things to Do in Europe

Fried Apples

The Austria Christmas markets are home to the best fried apples I have ever had in my life, and your tastebuds will seriously be missing out if you skip these during your trip!

Austria Christmas Market Trip: Fried Apples


The first time I saw a kid eating Schaumbecher, I exclaimed out loud: “only a kid could eat ice cream in this weather!”

But no–Schaumbecher may look like a candy-covered ice cream cone, but it’s actually stuffed with (tasty) marshmallow filling.

It is definitely popular for families traveling Austria with kids, though–children tend to love it.

Schaumbecher for sale at an austrian christmas market december


Similar to meatloaf, leberkas is a bit hard to identify but not worth questioning.

It is often served in semmel (basically a roll) and makes a fantastic snack.

Austria Christmas Market: Leberkas and Beer


A bit different than a Hungarian langos, Austrian langos is made of deep-fried potato dough that is coated in garlic paste, and then often topped with a heaping pile of sauerkraut for good measure.

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Warm, roasted chestnuts right off the fire–perfect for warming your hands and your belly.


Imagine macaroni and cheese topped with fried onions, and that’s essentially käsespätzle. Basically, it’s a Christmas market necessity.

Austria Christmas Market Trip: Cheesy Pasta

What to Buy at Austrian Advent Markets

You’ll quickly notice a huge discrepancy in prices when touring Christmas markets in Austria: some things will be surprisingly inexpensive, and some items will come with what, at first glance, feels like an absurdly high price tag.

I’m sure you can guess which of those tends to correspond with mass-produced, imported products.

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Whether you’re looking for bargains or high-quality unique items, though (or perhaps a bit of both), you’ll likely find both versions of several of these popular Christmas market souvenirs!

Like with food, I could keep writing forever, so I’ve challenged myself to stick to the most popular options.

kate storm at one of the best christmas markets austria on a rainy day


Unsurprisingly, Christmas ornaments are one of the most popular souvenirs from Austria’s Christmas markets.

Small, beautiful, and often easy to transport, be sure to pick up at least a few!

This little snowman definitely came home with us, among several others.

Austria Christmas Market Trip: Snowman ornament

Wood Carvings

These can be anything from Santa figurines to toy trains to nutcrackers, but they’re almost always beautiful.

Personally, I’m in love with the carved, hand-painted buildings that correspond to actual landmarks in Austria–I’d love to buy up a whole model village one day!

Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Beyond: An Epic Central Europe Itinerary


Technically, these could go under the food section–but the universally adored and constantly photographed (including by us) gingerbread hearts popular at German and Austrian Christmas markets reportedly taste… terrible.

These are better used as a decoration, they say (though I haven’t felt inclined to buy and then open one myself to find out firsthand).

Christmas Markets in Austria: Gingerbread Hearts

Christmas Decor

Advent wreaths, candles, doorstops, Christmas-themed quilts… you name it, it’s for sale at Christmas markets in Austria.

What to Buy at Europe's Christmas Markets (Gift + Souvenir Ideas!)

Snow Globes

If you’d like a snow globe to commemorate your trip, the markets are the place to pick them up!

Austria Christmas Market Trip: Snow Globes

Sausage, Cheese & Culinary Delights

Separate from the food stalls selling snacks meant for immediate consumption are the stands selling snacks meant for at-home consumption.

And, what better way to bring Christmas in Austria home with you than in the form of something delicious?

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Wool Items

Be sure to bundle up before heading out to an Austria Christmas market!

Otherwise, you might find yourself justifying the purchase of a 40 Euro handknit hat at the market (though how bad of a thing would that be, really?).

Pile of knit hats laying on a wooden table at a Christmas market in Innsbruck Austria--you'll be able to pick up plenty of souvenirs like this, so don't put too many accessories on your packing list for Europe winter!


Pistachio marzipan, covered in nougat, coated in dark chocolate: the Mozartkugeln candies have been produced in Salzburg since the late 19th century, and are a must-try at the Christmas markets (if you don’t want to commit to a whole box, several stands sell them by the piece).

Christmas in Austria: Mozartkugelen

Getting Around Austria in December

Undoubtedly, the best way to get around Austria during a Christmas market trip is via train.

You don’t need to worry about traffic or icy roads like in a bus or rental car, it’s far easier and less expensive than flying, and makes for a downright gorgeous way to experience the country.

17 Best Things to Do in Colmar, France

In fact, the most snow we saw during our Austria Christmas market trip was while gliding through the countryside on a train!

Austria’s train system is incredibly well-kept, with clean and comfortable cars that were easy to relax in.

Vienna to Cesky Krumlov: Train Ride

We also (with the help of our Eurail pass) were able to keep our trip somewhat spontaneous.

At the last minute, we added a stop in Linz to try Linzertorte and to Český Krumlov simply because we wanted to see the gorgeous town.

When it started raining in Salzburg, we seriously debated taking a quick jaunt to Munich!

How to Travel Europe By Train: The Ultimate Guide (+ Tips!)

If you want to add a bit of spontaneity to your Austria Christmas market trip, or if you are hoping to visit several locations, consider bringing an Eurail pass along with you!

Regardless of whether you choose to purchase a pass or not, however–you’ll still definitely want to use Austria’s train system to see the country.

Austria Christmas Market Trip: Innsbruck Christmas Market

What to Pack for an Austria Christmas Market Trip

Travel Insurance — Never travel without insurance! You never know what’s going to happen, and travel insurance is an affordable way to take a lot of the stress out of your Austria Christmas market trip. We use and recommend Safety Wing for trips to Austria.

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Travel Adaptors for Austria — If you’re coming from outside the EU, you’ll need to purchase travel adaptors to make sure your electronics work in Austria.

Reusable Bag — All the better to carry your Christmas market purchases home in. We’ve used this one for years and love it.

Winter Coat — A warm winter coat is essential to enjoying Austria’s Christmas markets. On our trip, I wore one like this and Jeremy wore one similar to this, and we were both very comfortable!

Salzburg in WInter: Man with mug rental

HatScarf & Gloves — You won’t be sorry you brought these–trust me.

Winter Boots — Make sure that your boots are comfortable enough that you can walk and stand in them for most of the day.

I wore ones similar to these on our Austria Christmas market trip, and the lining kept my feet incredibly warm! Jeremy has these and loves them.

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Nalgene — Having a reusable water bottle on hand is a great way to save a bit of money–and maybe slow down your gluhwein consumption just a tad–at the Christmas markets.

Umbrella — Sadly, an Austria Christmas market trip will likely include at least one rainstorm or two (ours did). Come prepared with a packable travel umbrella!

Purell Hand Sanitizer — Visiting Christmas markets in Austria often involves eating a lot of sticky finger foods without easy access to a sink to wash your hands, and a bottle of Purell makes that situation so much easier.

Salzburg in Winter: Christmas Ornaments

Lotion — The dry winter weather in Austria was rough on our skin: be sure to bring your favorite lotion along.

Lip Balm — Because nothing ruins indulging in salty Christmas market snacks quite like chapped lips.

Travel Journal — Especially if you’re moving cities every couple of days, it’s astonishing how quickly memories of your travels can fade!

Even if it’s just a few lines, take a few minutes daily to collect your thoughts or jot down a favorite memory. I personally adore my One Line a Day Journal, which just takes a few minutes to complete each day.

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Extra Room in Your Luggage — An Austria Christmas market trip can easily mean lots and lots of shopping–some of it for less-than-durable souvenirs.

Be sure to come prepared with enough room in your luggage to cart your treats home!

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A colorful stall with two Christmas trees taken in Vienna Austria, black and red text reads "How to Plan the Perfect Austria Christmas Market Trip"

Many thanks to Eurail for providing our rail passes for this trip! All opinions are, as always, our own.

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  1. Great post and very helpful! Which dates did you plan your Austria trip? It seems like you were able to experience a lot and I’m hoping do the same.

    • Hi Bailey! I can’t remember exact dates, but it was the first two weeks of December-ish. Perfect timing in our opinion, just be sure to check the opening dates before you finalize! It wasn’t in Austria, but we missed the Christmas market in Cesky Krumlov by one day last year–oops.

  2. I’m thinking of doing a trip pretty similar to this for this December! Do you mind sharing how you structured your trip, such as which cities you visited in what order and how that worked out? All these cities look like a dream and I’m tempted to jaunt over to Munich and Prague too, so I was wondering how you managed it and what advice you have! Thank you for the wonderful post 🙂

    • Hi Denise!

      We traveled by train between all the destinations, and our trip stretched beyond Austria. We did: Budapest, Vienna, Cesky Krumlov, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Bolzano, in that order.

      Prague and Munich are both wonderful additions–we wanted to include Munich ourselves and are hoping to make it to Prague this Christmas market season.

      I’d recommend going in a circle as much as you can, especially if you’re flying in and out of the same city (probably Vienna, if you’re focused on Austria). If you wanted to hit the “main” Austrian cities plus Prague and Munich, Vienna –> Prague –> Salzburg –> Munich –> Innsbruck –> Graz –> Vienna might be generally in the range of what you’re looking for.

      That’s just a starting point, of course–there are endless options and routes to choose from!

  3. Do you mind sharing which towns you utilized hotels? As in did you base out of a couple or change regularly? Also did you do backpacks or suitcases?

    • Hi Kandy! We slept in Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, and Innsbruck during our trip, basically looping around the country. We used backpacks just because that’s what we always have with us, but either would work!

  4. Love your post on Christmas Markets! We are flying round trip in/out of Munich 12/15-29 and plan to take in some christmas markets in either Bavaria or Alsace (I’m truly torn as I’ve always wanted to see Strasbourg/Colmar- especially at Christmas!) but know that Bavaria has beautiful towns too. Thoughts? We will head to Austria on 12/20 and will take in the festive atmosphere in Salzburg before heading to Mieders, Tyrol to spend Christmas eve and day. Have you got a recommendation on how many nights to stay in Salzburg and what markets are best? We weren’t planning to attend any Vienna since that would take up a lot of travel time with our in/out being in Munich- hope that’s not a mistake. Thanks in advance.

    • Alsace vs Bavaria is such a hard call! Both are among the best Christmas market destinations in the world. Bavaria will feel slightly more traditional, with mug rentals and plenty of immersive decor. Alsace will be slightly more focused on the villages themselves, wineries, and food. It’s really splitting hairs, though–they’re both wonderful and you can’t go wrong.

      I’d recommend 2+ nights in Salzburg if you can swing it, especially if you want to visit sights beyond the Christmas markets. We loved the main market in front of the Cathedral of Salzburg (one of our favorite markets we’ve ever visited!), but the one at Mirabell Square was also memorable. It’s a bit quieter over there!

      • Thanks for your reply! I currently have 3 nights booked in Salzberg and will either keep the third night or head over to Hallstatt for a night before heading to Mieders, Tyrol. We did book a place in Colmar and decided to take in the Alsace region and plan to make a few stops in bavaria on our way to Austia. Thanks again. I think after your description of the two, we made the right decision!! We prefer villages and small towns over big cities and like that feel much better. Merry Christmas (in October!!) 🙂


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